The most reputable and trusted bank – State Bank of India commonly known as SBI is one of the oldest banks. People aspire to work in this esteemed bank but few lucky ones get the chance. The exam is highly competitive as one needs to clear Prelims and Mains.

As this exam is highly competitive in nature, you must find out ways to answer the questions effectively. One mistake and you can lose your attempt. Be careful whenever you are answering questions. The period from preparing for exams is a grilling process. You may lose your patience and confidence several times but remember you have to crack the SBI Clerk Exam without committing mistakes.

Avoid these mistakes before appearing for SBI Clerk Exam

  • Memorizing

Memorizing your syllabus and answers won’t take you anywhere. It will just keep you believing that you have mug up everything which is not the case always. This exam demands much more than what you think. A candidate is judged on various things such as personality, logical reasoning, communication, and much more. Questions are always practical and so you should be. These memorizing concepts will only lead you to failure. Here, understanding and writing are more important.

  • Not Solving Old Question Papers

Question papers are one of the key factors that may drag you behind if ignored. Always make sure that you have solved question papers of at least 15 – 20 years. This will not only make you familiar with the pattern and kinds of questions but will also enhance your thought process while answering. It will provide you various dimensions to think about.

SBI Clerk Exam

  • Not Practicing Answer Writing Regularly

Answer writings are a part of your writing skills. The better you write, the better you will score. Writing creatively is not important but writing to the point is. You must know what should be included and what should be excluded. The more you write, the more it is likely to speed up your writing while maintaining accuracy. This will also help you in managing time to complete your exam.

  • Taking Revisions Lightly

Revisions are a part of every exam. Without revision, you cannot write a paper easily. A thorough revision before the exam is necessary for you to write the exam efficiently. Revisions help you to keep everything fresh in your mind. This saves your time in recalling your answers especially, a particular date to be mentioned. Revisions help remember you of the concepts, formulas, General knowledge, and Current Affairs. Ensure that you are updated with all this information before appearing to the SBI Clerk.

  • Skipping Concepts

It is very commonly seen that there are many candidates who skip a concept thinking that this won’t be asked in a question paper whereas the reality is otherwise. The skipping concept tops the list of DON’Ts. Try choosing different ways to understand the concept/topic. Make sure if you are skipping any topic it is of least importance. Do not omit or skip any important concept and still if you do, it should be on top of your checklist always. Be aware that this may hamper your results. You may here check the SBI Clerk Results.

  • Exam Anxiety

Almost all of us have gone through Exam Anxiety. It is natural but when it takes over your mind, peace, and leaves you restless it needs to be controlled and managed. A deep breath while feeling restless or sitting calmly can help you manage it. Do not leave anything for the last minute as this may too cause Exam Anxiety. Remember that Marks in exams don’t always equal intelligence or brilliance. Well, it is just to test your knowledge and with a positive mind, you can do wonders.

Avoiding these mistakes will let you cross thousands of miles. Don’t let the stress overcome you, instead, think positively and hope for the best. Positivity around is the only way to succeed. Whenever you feel overburdened with your studies try relaxing by self-care. Self-care is the best way to throw away all your worries. Nothing is more important than your own self. So, study hard by avoiding all mistakes with all the good care of your health.

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