The SBI General Insurance Company has emerged as one of the significant names in the Indian insurance market, especially in the health insurance department. The distinctive plans and exclusive coverages have tempted many Indians to choose an SBI health insurance plan that best suits their needs. With over 21000 service branches spread across the country, the company is serving the people to cope-up with the increasing medical costs.

The outbreak of Coronavirus in 2020 has also induced people to buy a health insurance policy before it is too late. However, the first thing to consider while buying a plan is its affordability and value for money. It is best to buy an SBI health insurance plan from Turtlemint to ensure that these two factors are well taken care of. The company offers convenient online payment facilities through a user-friendly interface for a satisfactory customer experience.

Ensure a healthy and happy family with the best health insurance covers.

Top 5 Affordable SBI health Insurance Plans of 2020

SBI offers as many as eight vivid health insurance plans to cater to the needs of all age groups and families. The company has a network of more than 3,000 hospitals in India. The plans are customizable with reasonable premium rates that one can choose from depending upon their affordability and requirements. Out of the eight, the top five ones are as follows:

SBI General’s Arogya Plus Policy

The Arogya Plus plan covers the needs of the insured and his family floaters by providing multiple coverage options. One does not have to worry about the expensive bills of hospitals after buying this policy.

Key Features

  • The plan has lifelong renewability with the age group defined between 18 years and 65 years. The sum insured varies from 1 lakhs to 3 lakhs and covers almost every family floater including spouse, parents, two dependent children, and parents-in-law.
  • It covers the medical expenses of OPD (Out-Patient Department) cases in addition to post and pre-hospitalization expenses, ambulance expenses, and additional treatment costs.
  • The waiting period for pre-existing illness is 48months which is also covered in the plan.

SBI Arogya Top Up Policy

This SBI health insurance plan comes at a very low premium rate to cover the additional costs of treatment. From all the in-patient hospitalization costs to alternative treatment costs including Homeopathy and Ayurveda, it covers all.

Key Features

  • A long-term discount of 7.5% to a family discount of up to 20% is offered under this plan.
  • The insured sum varies between 1 lakh and as much as 50 lakhs depending upon the rate of premium chosen. This sum can be reinstated if one is willing to pay an additional premium.
  • With lifelong renewability, the plan is perfect for aiding the cost of treatment.

health insurance plans

Health Insurance SBI

This is the most popular and comprehensive SBI health insurance plan that is divided into three variants based on geographical location. Plan A is for metropolitan locations, Plan B is for semi-metro while Plac C covers the rest of the country.

Key Features

  • The plan is a host of customizable benefits, features, and add-on covers including ICU rent sub-limits and removal of room, consultancy charges, etc.
  • It covers almost all the hospitalization and treatment expenses and also provides free medical check-ups for four consecutive claim-free years.
  • The insured sum range is defined as 50,000 – 5 lakhs and a 10% co-payment option is also available.

SBI Critical Illness Insurance Policy

For unforeseen medical emergencies that may arise unannounced, this SBI health insurance plan is the ideal choice.

Key Features

  • It covers 13 major illnesses including major organ transplant, cancer, first heart attack, paralysis, and kidney failure among others.
  • The waiting period for a pre-existing disease is only 90 days in this case as it is exclusively designed to finance sudden diagnosis.
  • The insurance term is from 1 to 3 years while the total amount is bared at 5 lakhs. This policy has lifelong renewability until a claim is made by the insured.

Hospital Daily Cash Insurance Policy

Once a person is hospitalized, the regular expenses create more burden than the actual amount of treatment. This insurance plan is aimed at covering the additional expenses.

Key Features

  • A daily cash benefit of 2,000 during the hospitalized period, convalescence expenses of a maximum 5,000, and an ICU allowance of 4,000 are offered under this plan.
  • The term coverage can be chosen from 30 to 60 days while the daily allowance limit can also be lowered to up to 500 per day. Those who do not wish to pay high premiums can lower the cash limit as per their convenience.

The affordable range of every SBI health insurance plan is the consumer selling-point in the market. As the world is fighting the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic collectively, people are startled with the impact it has caused in everyone’s life. Thus, it becomes crucial to buy a health insurance policy in 2020 in order to abate the possibility of facing a financial crisis during the time of health treatment.

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