Only those who pursue knowledge all the time can understand how difficult it is to satisfy curiosity. One must be careful enough not to offend others. Of course, sometimes people will hurl judgmental opinions on you, and sometimes people will give you a funny look. But should you stop asking questions? Absolutely no! That’s what Answerly’s philosophy is as well. A platform that welcomes all of your questions with authentic answers and rewards!

Yes, you heard right. A real reward for your questions that you were too reluctant to ask! 

Are you asking your questions on the right platform?

It is the first thing that we want to clear up with you. Do you think your questions are annoying? If so, we guess that you are thinking like that only because you are asking your questions on the wrong platform!

Stop being so hesitant with your questions and post them at the Answer without any worries! Trust us; no one will hurl any judgemental remarks at you for asking any question at Answer! Instead of killing your inner curiosity, ask as many questions as you like and get your answers from Answer.

Oh, and you earn money as well, which is like a massive bonus! At Answer, users receive rewards for posting and answering questions on this Q / A forum.

Why not get paid for asking questions?

We mean to say, why not? There are so many rewards on offer; it is just mad if you are not making the most of this opportunity! This is a platform that encourages questions by awarding prizes. Not your average Q/A forum, this one! Questions make an essential contribution to the content of the Answer app. The variety of topics and categories in this platform makes information accessible and accessible. The questions you post are vital to you and other users who are trying to put their questions in words. So, don’t be shy and shoot all of your questions!

How do you earn?

So, how do you earn rewards? This is the central point around which this discussion has been orchestrated. The first step in this fascinating journey is to create an account in Answer. To do that, you do not need to register or pay. You can even sign in with your Google account. It’s easy.



Now once you have subscribed, you can earn points in your accounts. These points pile up like tokens. You can withdraw these tokens and exchange them for dollars. Short but simple.

Perks on Offer!

What are the benefits of joining the Answer platform? Well, the platform provides two ways to earn money. Before we go any further, please don’t forget the primary purpose of Answer is to promote information sharing and answer questions effectively. So users can ask and answer questions.

As for earning money, you do that by asking questions and answering other people’s questions. Sounds a little simple, but there is one fine point that you must not forget. While answering questions gets users rewards based on their answers, posting questions has a set value. So if you are not sure if your answer is among the best solutions, you may still benefit by asking questions.


Unlike other forums where information is misleading and inaccurate, Asnwerly ensures data quality. Answers are evaluated based on their sentence structure, questionnaire, grammar, and user feedback. Even if spam goes beyond automatic checking, users can still report posts. In response, it removes unnecessary content in a timely and effective manner. Sounds like the platform has all the features that Quora and WikiAnswers should have added a long time ago; what do you think?

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