Have you recently got a facelift surgery and are pretty confident about the results? If yes, then the next thing you should consider is a neck lift surgery.

The procedure is a perfect companion of a facelift and starts from the part where the facelift surgery ends. It removes the excess fat and skin around the neck and the lower face which results is a more youth-full appearance. It gives you a very smooth, graceful, and refined neck that complements your smooth face and enhances your looks.

Face and neck lift surgery involves cutting through your skin and removing the layers of unwanted fats, which means blood and healing are crucial factors.

Let’s have a closer look at the neck lifting surgery and the aspects related to it.

The Steps Of Neck Lifting

The new technology and more precise had made the face lifting surgery a lot more convenient and accessible. However, the procedure comes with risk, and you have to be very careful with it. Therefore, it is ideal that you research and find an authorized plastic surgeon. The professionals know the best way to analyze your body and perform the surgery.

They divide the process into multiple steps so that you provide risk-free surgery. Have a look at the steps involved in neck lifting surgery:

Getting Started With the Neck Lifting Procedure

Neck lifting surgery involves cutting through your skin and removing the layers of unwanted fats, which means blood and healing are crucial factors. So the surgeon will provide a gap of a few days or a few weeks to balance these aspects.

In this period you have to avoid all the drugs like aspirin which causes thinning of blood and certain anti-inflammatory medications that can affect the bleeding rate. The doctor will also ask you to avoid smoking for at least six months as smoking slows down the healing of your body.


Neck Surgery

Preparation for the surgery

Before starting with the surgery procedure, the surgeons have to make sure that your body can sustain it.  They perform a series of test and make a record of all your vitals. They will also make a list of allergies or past medical history to get a full view of the situation.

Your doctor will also determine the other surgeries that you may need with this neck lifting procedure. And finally, they will measure your face and take some photographs to compare yours before and after looks.

Performing The Surgery

During the surgery, your doctor will use a sedative along with local anesthesia to numb your body parts. However, if you want to stay unconscious during the procedure ask your surgeon for general anesthesia. Most of the modern center for advanced facial plastic surgery makes it a point to mold the process for your comfort.

Once the anesthesia takes effect, the doctors will start with their work. The will place a small incision behind your ear or under your chin and use it for the surgery. In case, of muscle work, they will remove a small section of the platysma muscle to facilitate their work.

After the work is complete, they will remove the excess skin, close the incisions and replace the removed skin according to the requirement.

Recovery period

It takes a few hours to finalize the neck lifting surgery and alter your neck. After that, the doctors will move you to the recovery area where they will keep an eye on your vitals. They will keep you here for approximately one day to make sure that there are no lingering effects.

They will also instruct you about the recovery time and the prevention you have to take.

The Final Words

Neck lifting is an excellent way to get a chiseled neck to suit your overall looks. It’s safe, quick and very effective. However, it involves some risk, and it’s crucial that you select a professional surgeon and pay full attention to all the details of the works.

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