As you think about your career choices, are you looking at jobs that help other people?

There are jobs that help people mentally, jobs that help poor people, and some creative jobs that help people in all niches.

Do you have the desire to help people? If so, it’s important to know which jobs you should consider. And though these jobs vary greatly, having the drive to make a difference is a common factor.

Keep reading to learn about some career options with responsibilities that support people, your community, and are very rewarding at the same time.

Law Field


When thinking about jobs that really help people, lawyers may not be top on your list. But there are many jobs in the law field that help people. A criminal defense lawyer helps those who are accused of crimes. You can specialize in those who have limited funds and can’t afford a lawyer.

You may consider working as an immigration lawyer to assist and support people claiming asylum. There’s also a need for people in child protection law. Help keep children safe from abuse and neglect.



This is a career that may not have immediately come to mind, but nutrition is extremely important especially for people who struggle with weight problems and eating disorders.

As a nutritionist, you would advise clients on food choices to help them reach their health goals. You would lay out individual meal plans tailored to their dietary needs.

You could also work in a school to promote health and wellness, create healthy lunches, and help kids make healthy food choices.

Certified Nurse-Midwife 

Certified Nurse

Anyone who has used a nurse-midwife knows they provide an invaluable service. As a nurse-midwife, you provide health care to women in the way of prenatal checkups and delivering babies.

Some nurse-midwives provide care for newborns, give gynecological exams, and advise patients on medical conditions.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist

Do you have good communication skills? Do you have the patience and positive attitude to work with injured and disabled people? Do you have the compassion needed to understand the obstacles they face? Occupational therapy might be perfect for you.

The job entails assisting people in learning, or sometimes, relearning how to perform daily activities like getting dressed, cooking, driving, using a computer, or using a writing instrument.

Want to help people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease (PD)? Learn more about Parkinson’s certification here so you can help PD patients improve mobility and activities of daily living.

Choose One of Many Jobs That Help People 

Now that you’ve learned about jobs that help people, you are on your way to making a difference with your career path. Do some research to find which of these jobs aligns best with your personality, skillset, and interests.

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