Living in this house for 10 years, you’ve realized the space you once thought you had, has vanished into thin air.

You’ve finally made the decision to move to a much larger home, one that offers you far more space than your current home.

Now comes the tricky part. Selling your house will require time and attention, so you must do this.

To help you get your home on the market, here is a list of the 9 best ways to staging a home for sale:

1. Declutter


Crowding your home with excess furniture and toys should definitely be avoided when selling your home.

Creating a more open space will be more appealing to potential home-owners, and moving the excess belongings off-site means that the attic and garage will be clutter-free for viewings.

Utilize the services of removals companies, to move and store this furniture off-site. This will enhance the sense of space, make the room more open, explorable and generally brighter.

2. Redecorate

Not every home will need this step. Style plays a large part in selling a home, and using neutral tones and colors on the walls allows for potential buyers to imagine their future home; however, they wish.

Real estate experts back this point up and say that specific paint colors inspire buyers to put in an offer. Do your research and see what colors would best suit your property, but redecorating will go a long way in ensuring your property sells.

3. Make It Brighter

Sometimes homes can come across as too dark, whether this is due to a lack of natural light entering the building, or if it’s as simple as turning the lights on.

Make It Brighter

Make sure that, no matter what, your house is well lit. If there is a tree blocking a lot of light entering the living room, trim it back; if it’s an evening viewing and there is a lack of natural light, turn the lights on in your home.

While this is a simple step, many forget to take it, resulting in your home going unpurchased for a larger period of time.

4. Mirrors

It’s not always your fault that there isn’t a lot of natural light entering your home.

There is an easy fix. To overcome this, add more mirrors throughout your property. More mirrors mean that more light will bounce around the room. It also gives a greater sense of space and depth to these areas of your home.

So, grab some mirrors and begin removing the darkness from your home.

5. Look at the Competition


Other properties may be for sale in your area. Your area may be more uptown when compared to downtown areas. 

Keep your property in line with those, and choose a look that is more suited to the area you’re in.

It’s likely that whoever is looking to buy, knows the area they are looking in matches their taste and style.

6. Set The Scene

A little bit of ambiance can go a long way. 

When viewing your property, the lighting smells and climate will all contribute to the impression your home leaves. 

Setting the atmosphere of your home will entice potential buyers, maybe just enough for them to take the leap of faith and purchase your home.

7. Organize Cupboards


Sometimes in life, it really is the small things that matter most. 

When someone opens up your cupboards, it’s good to give an organized appearance. Hangers evenly apart; color-coordinated outfits; the lot.

Just another small way to make your home more appealing for house viewers.

8. Floors Are Important

The walls of your home are essential when selling a house. Making sure that neutral palette is there will allow potential home-owners a broader scope of imagination for their prospective homes.

The walls, however, are not the only important part when redecorating. The flooring in a house is essential for a good sell. 

You might have had carpet for 10 years, whereas now wood will suit the house far better. That small upgrade could be the difference between selling and not.

9. Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of a home is essential when staging your home for sale. 

Before putting up images online, make sure to replace the bulb of your outdoor light; repair any cracks in the wall and remove any dead trees or shrubbery that you’ve overlooked for the past few years.

Your home’s curb appeal is the first impression a potential buyer will get from your house. Let’s make it a good one.

Author Bio

Ross Evans is a blogging enthusiast and lead writer for international removals firm White & Company. With a passion for writing on a wide range of subjects including travel, culture, and business, his informative and creative writing style leads to an engaging read that everyone can enjoy.

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