Carpet is one of the essential parts of your home decoration. So, you must install a carpet on your room’s floor to enhance the surface view and overall room aesthetics.

The current carpet market offers you a wide range of variety in carpets. Moreover, you can choose any option in different aspects, such as colors, designs, textures, materials, and other things. So, choosing the best quality carpet is challenging as it sounds.

So, here we are going to guide you to choose the ideal carpet in Delhi that you’ll love to purchase:

Consider The Glossary

Before choosing a carpet in Delhi, you must check these:

The Density

Check the yarns of the carpet and how close they are. Because quality rises with better density.

The Fiber

Consider whether the basic material carpet is natural (sisal, wool) or artificial (polyester,  olefin, acrylic).

The Pad

The pad (underlay or cushion) is made with a thin layer of fiber, foam, or rubber. It increases the carpet’s longevity and provides insulation and comfort.

The Pile

The upper visible surface is a pile. It is made of uncut or cut turf in a loop. So, check the quality of the carpet in Delhi.

Construction Of The Carpet

Here we are going to discuss two types of carpet construction based on the attachment of carpet fibers to the backing:

Loop Pile:

Artisans bend the fibers into small loops in this case. It is stain-resistance and durable. However, it has limited cushioning and a low profile. So, here are two examples of loop file families:

  • Level loop or Barber features small loops and performs well in a high-traffic room.
  • The top parts of the multi-level have various heights, giving a pattern to your carpet’s texture.

Cut Pile

Here artisans cut the tip of the yarn, which has no loops. So, it is softer and denser than the other pile. So, here are a few types of cut piles:

  • Plush comes with a formal appearance (smooth and even texture).
  • Saxony comes to switch a smooth finish. However, the twisted and longer fibers design gives more body to each fiber and causes a dent in furniture and footprint to linger.
  • Cable has thick and thick fiber. Therefore, you feel comfortable while walking.
  • Frieze or Shag carpet is an extreme form of cut pile. Looks good and soft but could be better for high-traffic rooms.

However, you can find a mixture of cut and loop piles in the market. It combines the best qualities of these two piles and offers you a better option.

Carpet Fiber Type

It is made of different natural and synthetic fibers. Every fiber has different characteristics. So, let’s find out a few of them:

  • The most popular one is Nylon. It is stress-resistant and durable but not satin-resistant.
  • Olefin is suitable for outdoors, basements, and the balcony as it is mildew and mold resistant and also resists moisture. It is tough enough and comfortable.
  • Artisans use acrylic as a cheap but effective replacement for wool.

Judge The Quality

It does not have any universal grading, so the manufacturer claim’s anything that comes to their mind. So, beware of that and only consider density and weight instead.

  • Weight indicates the presence of several fibers in it, and more fibers indicate the quality of it.
  • Density depends on how many piles of fibers are and how close they are packed to each other. So, the denser it is, the better in quality. However, it needs to be dense if you feel the carpet backing from your hand.

Consider These While Choosing Carpet

Consider these factors before you choose a carpet in Delhi:

  • The carpet requires deep cleaning occasionally and vacuuming regularly. Choose a stain-resistance texture to simplify your cleaning.
  • Consider the best one for every type of room.
  • Buy a stain-resistance, durable, soft carpet that is kid and pet friendly.
  • Choose a carpet specially made for preventing allergies.
  • Consider a better underpad. It increases the longevity of your carpet.


If you are visiting a carpet shop in Delhi this month, consider these points mentioned above while you shop. So, if you correctly follow these points, then you will love the quality of the carpet in Delhi you have just purchased.

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