A party to introduce your daughter to the world is a very special experience. If you are making plans to show her off, you’ll want to have decorations to match. A fun event is easy to arrange with a few simple details and some well thought out planning.

Advance Planning

The first thing you’ll want to do is set a detail. This should be done at least a month in advance. Many parents find it useful to have plans in place at least three months before the event. That way you can get everything in place and ready to go. You’ll want it all in place well before the guests arrive at the party.

The Dress

Any young woman wants a dress that allows her to show off her figure. She wants a dress that has all those beautiful details that make it work. Think about the occasion you are planning for her. For a formal party, something of a longer length works out well. If you are going for a daytime party, think about something that’s just a little more casual. That will bring out her eyes and help her find her own personal style.

Using Decorations

Using decorations from G&E Designs can help you create the kind you like best. A well-decorated space is a must for any party. Custom designs can nail down the look you have in mind. It’s a good idea to set up a theme. Come up with ideas about colors that your daughter likes best. She might want to go for bright colors like gold and turquoise or keep to a simple series of shades like pink and lavender. It’s easy to take those colors and turn them into a theme that works for your daughter’s party plans.

A Menu

Another aspect of getting a party in place is having a good menu plan in place. You want to serve food that your guests are going to enjoy. Think about the entire menu from start to finish. You might aim for a few canapes and then go for a sit-down, plated meal. Or you could just keep it light by sticking to only passed hors d’oeuvres. This way guests can mingle at the party.

The List

Narrowing done the guest list can and should be done at least six months in advance. These are the people your daughter wants to come to her party. Decide exactly how many people you want to have there. Keep in mind at least ten percent probably won’t come to the party so make sure you plan accordingly.

A Good Location

Picking a location should be at the top of any to-do list. You might want to hold that party in your own home. If you have enough room, this is an easy choice that allows you to control the date and all those other details. Hiring a hall or renting a restaurant is one way to provide additional space. If you have a lot of people at the party, this gives them the room they want to spread out.


Musical Arrangements

Music is imperative when making plans for a party. Ask your daughter what kind of music she wants at her party. She might want to go for a full-scale orchestra and lots of old fashioned dances such as a waltz and a foxtrot. She might also opt for a party where people can dance to more varied musical types. Speak with her and find out which kind of musical plan she likes more. Keep in mind that it will take at least a month to arrange for an orchestra to come to the place where you’re going to hold the party.


The Invitations

Invitations should be in place once you’ve nailed down the other basic plans. You can opt to send them electronically or go for a more classic approach and choose to put the invites in the mail. Either option allows you to decide who’s coming and why. Make sure the details are in place and spelled out completely to all of your guests before doing anything else. That way, they’ll know when to come to your party and where it’s being held.

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