Wearing a bra is something most women do, but they aren’t always as comfortable as they should be. When you are a plus-sized woman, it can be even more difficult to find a bra that properly fits you and is comfortable. If you want to find a comfortable, plus size bra Australia, you need to take your time looking around and use some of the listed tips below when comparing different brands and styles of bras. While some women may choose a bra based on the style, others want to pick a comfortable bra.

1. Get Recent Measurements

As you age, your measurements for bras will change. It is important to get measured before you go bra shopping so you can find the right fit and style for ultimate comfort. When you don’t get measurements often, you may pick out a bra you think fits you and later find out it doesn’t. Your bra size can change from month to month. Factors such as menstruation, weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, and exercise can change your measurements. Try to get your bra measurements at least a few times a year. It can be done at home or in a lingerie shop. Because your measurements can fluctuate, don’t get rid of any bras that are just a little big or small.

2. Check The Underwire Fit

Many women prefer the look of bras with underwire because it helps lift and shape the breasts. If your preference is an underwire bra, be careful when you are choosing a new one. A properly fitted underwire bra needs to hold the entire breast inside of the bra cup. If the underwire lies on top of your breasts, or if there is a space between the underwire and your body, it is not fitting properly. The fabric in the center of your bra needs to lay against your sternum. The band of any type of bra you choose should be parallel to the ground and not riding up to your shoulder blades.

3. Make Sure Your Cup Is Filled

Another important factor that will determine a comfortable plus size bra is ensuring the cup holds your entire breast. There should be no gaps or spaces inside the cup, and your breast should never overflow out of the cups.

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4. Use Loosest Hook

When trying on new bras to purchase, always use the loosest hook on the band. Over time, your bra will stretch out. Using the loosest hook at first will give you room to adjust and tighten as it stretches. This means your bra will be as supportive when you first buy it as it will be many uses later.

5. Wash Properly

Once you find a comfortable plus size bra, it is important to wash it properly so it stays comfortable. Overwashing or washing without protection could mean it loses its support and elasticity. It is often best to wash your delicate bras by hand. If you choose to wash yours in a washing machine, use a lingerie bag or a closed mesh bag to keep it from snagging on anything. Never dry your bra in the clothes dryer because it will shrink and the shape can become distorted. It is best to let your bras hang dry.

6. Go For Quality Over Looks

Even though you want a bra that looks nice, it is more important to be comfortable all day. In reality, you’re most likely the only person that will see your bra. Relying on looks alone in a plus size bra will not get the job done and keep you comfortable.

7. Avoid Buying Minimizer Bras

Not all women are after making their breasts look bigger using a specific type of bra. Alternately, using minimizer bras to make your breasts appear smaller than they are is not the best route to take. It will compress the tissue in your breasts and increase the surface area. Quality plus size bras can give you the lift and support you need while taming your chest size.

Finding a comfortable plus size bra is only the start of the process. Is important to take care of it so it stays comfortable. Ultimately, all bras will stretch in time and not offer the support and comfort they once did. Even your favorite bras will need replacing in time.

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