Twins are exciting, but they are also double the work and double the expense. If someone you know is about to have twins, they are going to need a lot more things than they have and more than they planned to buy. If you are at a loss as to what you can buy your friend who is expecting double the bundles of joy, pick something from the following list.

Baby Cots

Babies tend to sleep a lot once they reach the point where they sleep through the night. When that happens, new parents are able to leave the house more, but the babies still need to sleep. You can help by giving them a baby cot. A baby cot in Australia is a very popular gift, and it is catching on. These cots are portable and compact until you need to unfold them and put the babies down for a nap. There are even double cots to contain more than one baby but keep them separated.

Diapers (Nappies)


When you expect twins, you will need TWICE the diapers all the time. (In other countries, diapers are called “nappies”, but it doesn’t matter what you call them. You will need double the usual amount for twins.) A gift of diapers is greatly appreciated as a big supply of this product means new parents don’t have to leave the house to get more in the middle of the night.

Swaddling Blankets

Swaddling Blankets

Twins share a uterus before they are born. This ultra-cramped space makes them feel very content, so you can imagine what happens after they are born. They are detached from the “womb-mate” they had and they are no longer squished and fighting for space. That can make these newborns feel very terrified. Swaddling them in swaddling blankets until they adjust to the outside world helps calm them and keep them warm.

Double Stroller or Double Pram

There’s no way a new momma or new daddy can take one twin out for a walk and come back to take the second twin out later. It’s just not feasible. A double stroller or double pram, however, is an excellent baby gift for twins. Both twins can go outside for a nice walk in the same stroller or pram and everyone is happy.

Double Electric Breast Pump

Electric Breast Pump

This amazing device will extract breast milk from both breasts simultaneously. While it seems like this gift is more for the mother, it actually benefits the babies and the father too. The milk it helps collect goes directly into bottles that can be given to the babies by dad or someone other than mum later on.

It is also useful for collecting milk from one breast if only one of the babies is nursing and the other baby is asleep. Milk letdown occurs in both breasts even if only one breast is nursing. Collecting milk from the unused breast keeps the milk supply available for both babies.

Double Infant Swing

Babies usually love swings because swings mimic their mother’s walking movements from when the babies were in utero. A double infant swing can swing both babies, and it comes with toys that hang overhead for the babies to play with. There are several styles available too.

Lots and Lots of Layettes

Despite newborn twins being small and not seeming as though they might dirty their clothes much, they actually do need frequent changes in their clothing. This is due to the spit-up after feeding and sometimes due to the very messy bowel movements some babies can have. It behooves you to give the new parents a very large supply of layettes in various sizes, colors, patterns, and styles so that the babies always have enough to wear.

Binkys, Pacifiers or Dum-Dums

Whatever you call the fake nipples on an attached ring, these things go missing constantly. They often fall out of babies’ mouths and land on the ground, too, making the need for a new clean one necessary and immediate. There are also various sizes of bins, pacifiers, and dum-dums, so be sure to buy a variety of twins.

Rattles and Toys

Newborns are not interested in toys because they can’t see much yet. However, you should and could buy some rattles and basic toys for the babies to play with when they are about three months old. If you can, buy rattles that offer teething rings or educational components.

Baby Washcloths

Newborns are given sponge baths until they are old enough to sit up in tubs on their own. As such, your friend will need lots of washcloths to bathe his/her twins. The best washcloths are designed to be really soft on a baby’s delicate skin.

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