If you are trying to lose weight you should really minimize your carb intake. However, going cold turkey on carbohydrates could be quite difficult. This is where overnight oats come in very handy. Overnight oats are easy to make, and they are predominantly made up of oats. These grains are very healthy and filling as well. Here are 7 overnight oats recipes for dieters. 

1.Blueberry Overnight Oats

Blueberry Overnight Oats

If you want overnight oats that have a certain zesty and sweet flavor to them, you should really try blueberry overnight oats. Of all the berries, blueberries are by far one of the most delicious, and healthy. They are perfect for overnight oats because they give the best base flavors for the oats. They are also perfect to combine with other ingredients. If you want your blueberry overnight oats to have more protein, you could add chia seeds or peanut butter. However, if your main goal is to lose weight, you could substitute the chia seeds or peanut butter with almond milk.

 2. Peanut Butter and Banana Overnight Oats

Peanut Butter and Banana Overnight Oats

While oats are a great source of fiber and healthy carbohydrates, it could get a bit boring if it is all you eat. If you want to liven up your overnight oats, you could add peanut butter and bananas to your recipe. The peanut butter will give your oats a nutty and salty taste, while the banana will give them a great deal of sweetness. The contrast between the two favors will totally enhance your overnight oats. Peanut butter is also a perfect source of protein, and the banana is a great source of potassium and fiber. 

3. Kiwi and Strawberry Overnight Oats

Kiwi and Strawberry Overnight Oats

If you are craving a tart and fruity overnight oat recipe, it is always a good idea to mix kiwi and strawberry together. Kiwi is one of the rarer kinds of fruits and has a potent supply of vitamins. Strawberry on the other hand is one of the most beloved fruit flavors in the world. If you combine the two, you will have a tangy overnight oats recipe that is perfect for hot summer days. 

There will be times where you won’t have time to chop up your fruits, so it is a good idea to prepare them during the weekend, so it is easy to assemble them later. If you are not going to use your ingredients right away, you should wrap them in packaging film to keep them as fresh as possible.

4. Cinnamon Apple Oats

Cinnamon Apple Oats

While cinnamon apple combinations are well-known for cereals, they are also perfect for overnight oats. The unique taste of cinnamon combined with the fresh and tangy taste of apples has long been a much-loved combination for breakfast cereals and apple pie. It is relatively easy to make cinnamon apple oats. All you need is a glass jar, a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, and a whole apple sliced up into cubes. If you are going to do prep work for your overnight oats, you should sanitize your hands, and make sure your jars are as clean as possible.

5. Carrot and Apple Oats

Carrot and Apple Oats

If you like fresh carrot sticks and apple slices as snacks, maybe you should combine the two and mix them with your overnight oats. The carrot will provide freshness to your overnight oats, while the apples will give it a great tangy flavor. While the combination is healthy, it could get a bit bland, so you should also add some sweeteners such as brown sugar or honey. However, you should be careful how much you put into your overnight oats. Remember your main goal is to lose weight. Too much sugar could increase your glucose levels in the long run.

6. Protein Powder and Banana Oats

Banana Oats

Aside from weight loss, overnight oats are also a great way to supplement your workout regimens such as bodybuilding or other athletic endeavors. Oats are perfect to pair with protein powder because they soak it up very easily, and because most protein powders are chocolate flavored, they are perfect to mix with bananas as well. If you are going to mix your protein powder with your oats, it is important that you drink it within the day. 

A protein powder that has been dissolved into water has a tendency to lose its potency after a few hours. If you are going to make overnight oats with protein powder, it is best that you don’t leave it out overnight. As a rule, it is best that you have it cooled for an hour, then consume it right away. 

7. Banana And Strawberry Oats

Banana And Strawberry Oats

When it comes to flavor combinations, you could never go wrong with the banana and strawberry oats recipe. The two fruits are incredibly potent and they have a lot of vitamins and mineral benefits between them. What makes the banana and strawberry combination so good, is their contrasting yet complementary flavors. Where the banana has a sweet and mild flavor, the strawberry has a tart and fresh taste. If you are going to leave your oats in the fridge overnight, it is very important that you utilize good-quality glass jars. Cheap glass jars could handle the usual wear and tear, however, they don’t usually take very low temperatures very well. If you want to purchase top-quality jars, you should check out Roetell. It is a well-known glass manufacturing company that sells wholesale glass jars of the best quality.


If you want to lose weight, you should cut back on the carbs, however, it is difficult to stop eating carbs outright. You could always eat oats as a carbohydrate alternative.  With these overnight oats recipes, you’ll still be able to eat carbs and make delicious overnight oats without any fuss.

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