If you are a quad fanatic who wishes to introduce your child to ATV riding, there’s a lot to take into account. Your son or daughter should be of age (and size) to be able to control a quad bike, even a small one, and with a suitable machine and the right protective gear, you are good to go.

 Regarding protective gear, here are the essentials you will need to acquire for your son or daughter.

1. Quality Crash Helmet

Rather than choosing a full-face helmet, an open-faced model with goggles offers the protection and full-face helmets can restrict peripheral vision. A moto-cross style helmet had a jaw protection section and comes with a visor if your child won’t be wearing goggles.

2. Thick Jacket

A thick jacket will prevent the wind from affecting the rider, plus rising through woodland demands somebody’s protection. Leather is good, although if your child is growing, leather might not be the best idea, as it will soon need to be replaced.

3. Gloves

Kids On Quads

A pair of moto-cross gloves are ideal and they can be purchased online or from the dealer where you acquire your child’s ATV. If you live in the UK, Quadbikes R Us has a range of kids quads and accessories including protective gear and they ship all over the mainland UK.

4. Boots-

Footwear with essential ankle support will protect your child’s feet, so wear boots rather than trainers. You need a solid grip with your feet to keep them on the footpegs and whether summer or winter riding, ankle protection is essential.

5. Denim Jeans

These are ideal for ATV riding as the fabric is heavy duty and will protect against branches and other natural objects.

6. Wet Weather Suit

Lightweight and easy to wear, these pack up into a tiny size and are a lifesaver in the rain. The top and bottom set can be slipped on in an instant, protecting your child from the rain.

7. Goggles

Most kids prefer an open-faced helmet and a pair of eye goggles, which protect against insects and branches damaging the eyes. It is easy enough to source a supplier online and with a single shop, you can fit out your child ready for ATV riding when you both decide to go next.

Obviously, you will be with your child at all times, and teaching them the basics of safe riding, making sure they understand and respect the power they have at their disposal. Typically, a kid’s ATV would be 50-100cc and would be governed down not to exceed 30mph and as they become older and more competent, you can upgrade the machine to a 250cc engine.

When looking to buy your child a quad bike, start with an online search and that will direct you to a leading ATV supplier in the UK and they would have a selection of new and used kid’s quads, all under warranty and with affordable finance options, should you need them.

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