You are classy and elegant, that I am sure of. Just like you, I know that bags are an essential factor that sums up your fashion ingenuity.

The choice is endless, so is the list. But these 7 uniquely popular handbags for women would help you make your next bag-shopping experience a top notch. Next time, your search for an ideal backpack and purse should be easier and more enjoyable after learning about these common handbag types.

Let’s take this trip together.

Quilted Bag

There are handbags and there are classic handbags.

As a classic lady, it is only normal that you align your handbag collections to one that is not only classy but has a great feel of iconic connections around it.

The Quilted bags are known for the way they make women feel like the most important persons in the world. You are as important as any other woman you have come across, only that you are yet to get your own share of the quilted handbag.

You need to get your now and enjoy the iconic flow of rocking this category of bags.

Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Bag

As far as carrying a bag is concerned, as a lady, the most popular one is the shoulder bag.

The reason is very simple and straightforward. You have enough space to put in whatever it is you want to carry and still remain fashionable.

That’s something all women don’t joke with.

We know we carry a lot of things, and it can get a bit clumsy when the right kind of bag is not used. Take time to arrange your things inside a shoulder bag and rock it likes never before.


If it’s not comfy and elegant, it is definitely not worthy.

I love bags that make it easy for me to go around with relative ease and comfort; this is why I have quite a handful of Clutch bags sitting in my closet. Just think about this cute small clutch.

For the fact that they come in different sizes and beautiful designs, it is sweet when you carry it with an outfit that compliments it. There are so many brands coming out with tons of them for your perusal.

You always have them at your fingertips.

Beach Bag

Beach Bag

Do you want to hit the beach?

Do you want to have a bag that makes it so easy for you to pack for the beautiful sight cast on the ocean?

Then, go get a beautifully crafted beach bag.

This bag will come in handy if you are a beach lover.

Don’t forget that it comes with different designs and unique craftiness.

Sling Bag

Sling Bag

You want to go out shopping, go with the sling bag.

You feel you want to quickly run a very important errand, run with a sling bag.

Is it time to visit the next city, go with a sling bag.

It is a multi-functional and comfortable handbag, this endears it to the heart of dear women like you.

The sling bag is cool with its cross-body design and the stylishness that comes with it is almost second-to-none on this list.

Go get yours!

Hobo Bag

It is cool to have this on this list.

Most times, a woman needs something that can stand in when she needs to look formal or casual. This is why I called this kind of bag a double effect.

You can rock it casually and/or formally.

You will surely enjoy the crescent shape that makes it a unique one.


The world is already techy. So there must be a bag in this list that connects with women in this field.

That said, the satchel bag is designed to make it relatively easy for you to combine your laptop bag and your regular bag in a singular bag.

What this means for you is that you don’t have to stress yourself with two or more bags just because you are going to work.

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