It’s beautiful to see an ice hockey player gliding under the hockey stick’s end with a new ice hockey puck. But do you know not all pucks are so smooth that you see your favorite team glide on the rink while playing? The history and facts about pucks are weird and unusual enough to impress anyone. From the times when they were made of cow dungs to the latest vulcanized rubber ones, here are some interesting facts about the Ice Hockey pucks:

1. Pucks Were Used In Astronauts Training

One of the training pieces of astronauts at NASA includes Precision Air-Bearing, where they learn to move large objects in space. This is a difficult task because it’s hard to stop large items in the area. Astronauts are prepared for it at the Precision Air-Bearing Facility (PABF), like a giant air hockey table. The astronauts are given “two-ton hockey pucks,” which are pushed around the hovering floor.

2. The First Rubber Pucks Were Made From Sliced-Up Balls

Before moving indoors, the pucks were whole balls and wasn’t preferred by the rink owners to play with them due to their shape and size. So, the lacrosse balls were sliced up into three parts, and the owners kept the middle part to use as pucks.

3. The Word “Puck” Was Originated In 1876 on Feb 7

There is no actual date on when pucks were designed and baptized, but the day that is considered the puck’s birthday is February 7th. In 1876, the word puck was recorded in the edition of the Montreal Gazette.

4. Protestors Once Mailed Hockey Pucks to Prime Minister

Once the angry protestors, at the Canadian Taxpayer Federation’s request, mailed thousands of hockey pucks to then Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chretien. The protest was against the $12 million bailouts of domestic NHL franchises by the Canadian government. There is no information on how many pucks were received by the Prime Minister’s office, but it was a kind protest.


5. Women Names Engraved on Stanley Cup 

Although there are thousands of names engraved on the Stanley Cup and it keeps changing. The latest record says that 16 women have their names engraved on the cup. To your surprise, they are not players but team owners and executives.

6. The Average Number of Pucks Used In NHL Game Is 12

The pucks used for playing ice hockey are frozen, for it’s easy to control them. But as the game begins, the frozen pucks start to thaw and affect the game. That is why there is an average of 12 pucks used to play each game and replaced once the puck thaws. This figure can go up as needed.

7. Hockey Puck Eating Contest

This may be the most exciting fact about pucks. In 2012, an Arizona restaurant held a “Hockey Puck Eating Contest” where contestants were asked to chew down the frozen Ding-Dongs for a pair of playoff tickets. One of the goalies allegedly munched on an actual puck. Honest advice; Do not try this ever as this can be dangerous to your health.

Final Word

Indeed, ice hockey is the most loved indoor game and has some of the amazing facts about it that none other game has. Its uniqueness to play the game in thick winters makes it more enjoyable to both the audience and the player without dealing with the harshest cold weather.

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