Since the way we work has transformed irrevocably, more companies are looking into moving to new workplaces that can support distant staff and hybrid work. Planning a workplace relocation means ensuring there will be no interruption in your workflow. Therefore, planning, communication, and preparation are essential when shifting to a furnished workplace, co-working environment, or a new office

Any office move is a big task that requires proper planning. It could seem intimidating, particularly when you have never had to plan a relocation before. However, it can be divided into several easy steps, just like any other procedure. 

So, to ensure a seamless and successful workplace relocation, we will guide you through every aspect you need to consider. You can take measures to ensure operations go as effectively as possible, although shifting offices is complex. To manage the shift without undue stress, check out these helpful suggestions that you should follow before moving your office.

Think About the Required Space First

When a workplace relocation is required, one of the primary considerations for a company owner must be the space necessary for the new office. Examine possible locations to see if they have ample room for your company to expand or if there is extra space that you cannot bear to buy. When evaluating buildings and considering space issues, do not overlook conference, cooking, and recreational spaces. 

Additionally, it would be best to consider the services available, such as cleaning and ensuring there are no general pest issues. Because we all need to go to a sparkling clean office to work, right? So, check out the cleaning services available there. Like if you’re located in Nebraska, a simple Google search regarding Commercial Cleaning Services Omaha Nebraska can help you locate the right cleaning services near you.

Moreover, ensure that if you occasionally hire professionals to work for you, they can access an on-demand workstation. Finally, avoid forcing your staff into a workspace that is too compact to reduce expense because crowded workplaces can lower the efficiency of workers.

It’s All About Planning

Consider using cloud-based spreadsheets and checklists to plan a relocation strategy to make paperwork seamless. Then, add every task that needs to be done, no matter how little it is, along with the actions that led up to it and the persons, teams, and organizations in charge of each one. Your duties are divided into smaller, easier-to-handle portions in this manner. 

Utilize your strategy materials as a guide for the relocation, and use communication technologies to enable collaboration and help others know what is needed to perform this task smoothly. Ensure the location is easily accessible by transport if you want your employees and clients to be able to get there easily. Additionally, ensure there is enough parking space for staff and visitors. 

Most home-based offices often shut down after regular business hours, preventing guests from entering their personal time. If your business must stay open during non-working hours, it is best to speak with the property owner to ensure that employees and clients won’t be turned away. In addition, it is crucial to check whether there are any competitors before relocating into a new facility. Likewise, taking space next to your rivals would not be a good idea.

Your Company Address Does Matter

A company’s location still significantly impacts its competitive position and how the public perceives it. A prominent office location can set your company apart from the competition, regardless of whether you enter a typical lease, purchase real estate, or rent a temporary workspace. Unfortunately, these kinds of commercial locations and the reputation that goes along with them frequently have a hefty cost.

However, little research can effectively set your office in prominent locations. Be confident that the message your workplace and location convey to the business world is what you intend to portray to establish your brand.

Never Compromise on the Safety & Security of Your Workplace

To protect your company’s assets, employees, and customers, you must ensure that your business operates safely and securely. Ensure that there’s almost no violence in the neighborhood and that the property owner’s taken steps to improve security. Because everyone you work with, clients and employees, deserves to be safe. 

Evaluate the security measures at new properties, including whether a security officer is present at all times, whether a gate pass is essential to enter, and whether metal detectors are used at the doors. Depending on your business’s needs and security risks, these elements may play a significant role in selecting a provider. You also need to think about regular inspections of safety equipment like fire extinguishers, fire alarms, sprinklers, etc. Doing this will ensure that your employees remain safe in a potentially dangerous situation. You can rely on fire inspector software to keep everything up to code and regularly maintained.

Think About the Facilities for Your Staff

Your workplace’s atmosphere affects your workforce’s motivation, attitude, performance, and efficiency of your workforce. Make sure your workplace has many large windows to let in a lot of light. Make sure the area is also peaceful and clean. Moreover, make sure the atmosphere is ideal so you can leave a positive impact on your visitors. 

It is crucial to make sure a property is technologically compatible in a time when we rely on technology to complete the majority of the duties. Assure that policies are in place to facilitate the usage of smart devices, including adequate power sources and internet access. You must ensure that your staff has availability of essential facilities while at the office if you want them to maintain a proper balance between work and life. Workplaces should be near amenities like dry cleaners, restaurants, supermarkets, doctor’s offices, and medical stores.

Moving to New Office Space

Congratulations! You’ve finally found the perfect workplace to relocate your office to. You can start the moving process, and here are a few tips to help you along the way.

  • Talk to staff about the relocation, tell them the location of the new premises and tell them when you’re going to move.
  • Assign tasks to everyone beforehand.
  • Ask everyone to pack their desks.
  • Hire movers to transport your office equipment like desktops, desks, printers, etc., to your new office.
  • Before moving to the new place, ensure that it meets the infrastructural requirements of your business workflow. Doing this will ensure your workflow won’t suffer after you’ve relocated to the new place. 

Before We Part!

Nowadays, moving your company or workplace is a common occurrence. However, managing things requires a lot of time and effort in both the previous and new workplace, so don’t expect it to be an easy task. For your business relocation to succeed, consider the suggestions mentioned earlier. We hope you have a safe office relocation!

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