Sometimes, improving your lifestyle means getting a new vehicle. Other times, it might mean having the factory make a vehicle that’s perfect for you. Whether you customize a car yet to be built or enhance the one you already own, consider various vehicle upgrades to improve your lifestyle in the coming miles and years ahead of you. Picking the right options can mean driving in something that serves you in more ways than just a means of getting around.

1. Don’t Restrict Yourself to Just Local Options

Knowing the kind of car customizations you want is necessary. However, you also need to find the right place to do the work for you.

You might order a custom car from a factory, or you might send a vehicle you already own to a shop for customization. In either case, you don’t have to restrict yourself to just local options.

Car shipping companies make it possible to get vehicles delivered from factories in other states or markets. You can even pay to have your current ride transported to and from a shop somewhere else.

2. On-Board Wi-Fi

Many new cars come with some level of onboard Wi-Fi already installed, but not all. If you want to add this to your car or just upgrade it, then you can get anything from basic service to full routers and hot-spot potential. Having online connectivity opens up a lot of possibilities, but just keeping your passengers happy might be the biggest. Everyone can use their phones and tablets to their heart’s content without burning through their own data plan. They might just get better speeds, too.

5 Vehicle Upgrades to Improve Your Lifestyle

3. Technology


Android Auto and Apple CarPlay can both take advantage of your online connectivity for many benefits, including:

  • Hands-free communications
  • Voice commands
  • Media streaming
  • Weather and traffic updates
  • Simple navigation

Rear-view camera technology is a great way to see what’s behind you when you are backing your vehicle up, and AI cameras give your car a level of security when you’re not with your vehicle. Dashcam footage can be very useful when dealing with law enforcement.

You can even have crash-detection sensors installed that alert EMS and local authorities if you get in a wreck and can’t physically respond. These sensors can also provide driver feedback when other vehicles are too close in proximity, alerting them of possible dangers on the road before an accident happens.

Upgrades to the speakers inside your cabin can also help you enjoy all the media you can access with better sound. There are many stereo decks that offer DVD or Blueray disks to be played, and many of these can accommodate multiple displays for rear passengers as well.

If you are driving around in an older model vehicle, another upgrade that can really make a difference is having a remote starter installed. In colder climates, this single upgrade can drastically improve your lifestyle. You may no longer have to spend cold mornings scraping ice off your windshield. Simply point a device out your front door or window to start your vehicle.

A remote starter will start your vehicle without unlocking the doors. By setting your climate control settings the day before, you can have the defrosting mechanism go to work for you. Please note that many states have regulations about using these remote starting devices, such as a specific amount of time you may leave your vehicle idling, and whether or not you are allowed to idle your vehicle without physically looking at it.

4. Upholstery

Want to ride in luxury and style inside your car? Ditch the fabric seats for something premium like leather. Whether real or faux, leather is timeless in its style and appeal, and it can be more comfortable than many other upholstery choices inside your cabin. Whether you want the comfort of its feel after a long shift at work or while cruising down the highway for hours on end, it’s a vehicle upgrade that might cost quite a bit at the start but pays off for years to come once you have it done.

5. Sound Mat the Vehicle

If you’re looking to add an upgrade to an older car, then suggests sound dampening. Older vehicles tend to vibrate more and produce more noise. Sound matting involves adding dense materials, such as rubber, to insulate both temperature and sound. Has it applied to the firewall, under the hood, in the flooring, and in the door panels? You can create a smooth and quiet atmosphere while you drive and you’ll enjoy some thermal control benefits as well.

These might seem like additional expenses, but specific customization options might not even be available where you live. Looking out of the local market will give you access to the most options available so you can find the best companies who handle any particular upgrade.

While there are many cars, trucks, and SUVs you can buy that are ready to go, there are also many vehicle upgrades you can pick to upgrade your lifestyle. Five things to consider are:

  • Finding the best customization professionals
  • On-board Wi-Fi
  • Modern technology
  • Updated upholstery
  • Sound dampening

You can make any vehicle fit your needs and dreams. Given how much time you and your friends and family spend in your vehicle, it may be worth making it as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

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