While you’re enjoying sunny days at home and on the road, your car may not be as happy as you are. While your vehicle can still perform in a wide range of temperatures, there are some ways that the sun can harm your vehicle. Here are five ways that too much exposure to the sun can damage your vehicle.

1. Lack of Fluids

Just like you, your car can get thirsty on a hot day. Excessive oil, coolant, and other fluid use are common on hot days. Keep your fluid levels topped up to avoid your engine seizing or otherwise being damaged. Search for an auto parts store near me for all your essential fluids. Always know the fluids level of your car to ensure it does not get damaged due to lack of fluids.

2. Worn-Out Rubber

Gaskets, seals and other rubber components work more efficiently in moderate temperatures. Overheated rubber can begin to melt, which compromises the component. Inspect your seals, windshield wipers and other rubber surfaces to ensure they aren’t being exposed to too much heat. There are many more ways you can make sure your car is safe from harmful heat. You just have to be careful and give your car surface a little rest when possible especially during a very hot summer day.

3. Weak Tires

A hot tire is a weak tire. Too much heat can compromise the tire walls, particularly on used tires. Don’t let a sunny day cause your tire to blow. Take a look at your car tires every now and then to observe the condition. If it is not as good a condition as it should be, it might be too much exposed to the heat. Make sure you take steps to lengthen its useful life.

4. Faded Paint

Direct sunlight on the paint can quickly fade it. Whether you’re just given your sports car a makeover or you’re concerned with your older vehicle becoming rusted due to a compromised coat of paint, try to give your car a break from the sun. Nobody wants to see faded paint on their car. Just a little care and keeping away from direct sunlight can be enough to keep the paint of your car look shiny and gorgeous for years.

5. Cracked Interior Surfaces

The exterior of your vehicle isn’t the only area that’s affected. Your steering wheel, dash, seats and other areas can become faded or cracked when left out in the sun. The rubber steering wheel is primarily affected by the intense heat, while your seats are harmed by too much direct sunlight.

Whether you’re mindful to park in the shade or grab a pair of LED headlights and drive more at night, consider the effects of direct sunlight on your vehicle the next time you head out on a warm summer’s day. The more caring you are to your car, the longer you can keep its awesome look and enjoy riding it without replacing it with a new one!

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