A website to be recognized needs visibility, and with a good domain name, you can create awareness, add credibility and attract customers. A unique website name will help establish your business as forward-thinking and tech-savvy. However, deciding and buying a domain name is not easy, and therefore, you should not do it in a haste. It is essential to spend enough time conducting research and getting an appropriate domain address. A perfect domain name is a valuable marketing tool that conveys information about your products and leads potential customers to your website.

With billions of websites known by domain names that are unique for each one of them, finding a suitable one for your business asks for creating and searching one intensively. A domain you want may not be available or it may be available for a high price. This makes the registration process quite tedious. Ideally, you can find a reliable domain name registrar, who can help you get your desired domain, even by offering a backdoor domain service. Here’s what you have to consider when buying a good domain name.

1. Have a brandable name

Branding helps attain long-term success for any business, product, or website. With a domain name, how would you make it brandable? Using a combination of keywords related to your product or business sector will do. There is a possibility that it doesn’t have any meaning. For instance, you don’t find any specific meaning in the word ‘YouTube’ and ‘Kodak’, yet they make a great brand recognized by people.

A brandable domain will be unique, for your competitors don’t use it. Moreover, it sounds trustworthy and people visit it.

2. Have a short, pronounceable, and predictable name



Your desired domain should be simple and short with 8-10 characters. For instance, ‘asiaone.co.in’, which is the domain name of the news portal AsiaOne is short, easy to spell, and predictable. Avoid adding hyphens, numbers, or any special characters, for it will confuse people when typing the domain address on the URL space bar. Similarly, you can avoid having weird spellings, which will again cause confusion while typing. For instance, ‘skiline.com’, the visitors will type ‘skyline.com’.

3. If possible, have the most common misspellings of your domain name

You may gain from this by having all the traffic directed to your main site. For example, ‘westpac.com’ could easily be misspelled as ‘westpack.com’, but you will be safe if you buy the misspelled domain. Customers who misspell it while typing will still be redirected to the main website ‘westpac.com’.

4. Help yourself by using a domain name tool

In case you still find it difficult to have a suitable domain, then you can find a domain name service company that can help you get a name on their domain name search tool. They can also help you with domain backorder service if the name you have in mind is already taken by someone. By using the backorder snap system, they could track your desired domain and if available the system will snap it up for you.

5. Get a right domain name extension

If you are running a commercial business, it is better to go for the ‘.com’ extension. Among the top-level domain (TLD) extensions, you can find ‘.com’, ‘.net’, ‘.co’, and ‘.org’ always available. There are also country-specific TLDs such as ‘.sg’, ‘.com.sg’, and ‘.org.sg.’. which can help you cater to local markets. There are also nontraditional TLDs if any of them suits your business.

Now you can go ahead with choosing a perfect domain name keeping in mind the above aspects.

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