Monograms, pictorial marks, and abstract logos, we have a long list of them to represent our business.

But how exactly can we rate a business logo design?

Whether you’re designing your business logo design from scratch or wanting to make few adjustments to an existing one. You must know the core rules, the key characteristics of universally accepted business logos. Because your logo is just like your company’s face and it should be appealing to everyone that sees it. Come, let us give you some key rules to rate a business logo design and make yours perfect in every aspect.


Apple, Volkswagen, and Sony all share a common trait in their business logo, they’re extremely simple. Simple denotes their ability to be remembered and recognized instantly amongst similar other brands.

So, the very characteristic of a business logo is that it is simple!

While you design (or have someone design) your business logo, you must keep it simple enough to guess the brand name and easy enough to be remembered. This can boost your marketing strategies when people can recognize you when making a serious purchase decision. Plus, by following the simplicity rule (for your business logo design), you can gracefully add the element of goodwill in your business name, too. Because people tend to trust those brands that they remember during the shopping (or even window shopping).


You may offer similar products as other brands sell but you can never use a business logo that is similar to other big names in terms of design or even name. Uniqueness is one of the key characteristics of a business logo that sets your company apart from other organizations.

And if your logo lacks this characteristic, it can attract negative feedback from your buyers. A logo, unique to be exact, is a smart way to attract some eyeballs and invite them to learn more about your brand. A relevant example, here, could be of Nike that masterfully integrated the swoosh into its business logo and achieved its marketing objective to be known as a brand of quality, check the principles of design that Nike followed. If you do it rightly, your Logo Maker becomes your business ambassador by having exclusive properties to its design and overall feel.

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Colors play a vital role in setting the whole mood of the logo and the use of typography adds elegance to it. Plus, the object used in a business logo can develop a positive perception about your brand, too. There are different concepts that a logo design involves yet very few brands pay attention to these three in a strategic manner.

You can take Ford as an example which has the color blue that denotes elegance or look at the UPS’s logo having the combination of golden yellow and brown denoting trust and quality. A universally accepted business logo is well balanced in every aspect ranging from color selection to fonts and even the base idea of the logo.


Let us take Adidas as an example to define the next universal characteristic of a business logo. Have you ever seen how flawlessly it imprints on any surface of its product line? This is the beauty of universally correct logo design that it’s adaptable to any surface that you, the company, tend to use for marketing purposes. Your logo wouldn’t be limited to the products, only, but you’d use it on many different marketing collaterals but it shouldn’t lose its charm.

This is where you can contact a proficient graphic designer and discuss the variable situations where you may use your business logo. And ask him specifically to maintain all aspects of the design no matter how small or how big the surface is.


MasterCard, McDonald’s, and Intel all three have a common characteristic that we’ll define in our list of best logo design characteristics.

All of them are timeless!

If you truly want to have a business logo that resonates with your target audience, think of something that isn’t bound by time. It should remain trendy and fascinating in every era or should I say that it shouldn’t get old even after you complete the 100th year of your business such as General Electric did.

Comment below and let us know if these golden rules helped you in having a fantastic business logo design for your business.

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