Did you know that three out of four women groom their pubic hair?

If you’re tired of razor bumps and spending lots of time shaving, then setting up a waxing appointment can be the most liberating thing you do. While you do have to let the hair grow out to a certain point, waxing removes hair from the root so you don’t have to fuss as much.

Finding the right wax technician is crucial for getting the results you want, but it can also be helpful to know what you’d like before your appointment. Keep reading this article so you can learn about 5 common types of bikini wax that you should consider trying.

1. Bikini Line Wax

If you want a natural wax look, then you should dip your toe in by getting a traditional bikini line wax. This involves removing any hair on your thighs and lower stomach that a bikini bottom wouldn’t cover.

This style is ideal for women who enjoy a natural look but want to tidy up a bit.

2. Brazilian Wax

Most people have heard of a Brazilian wax because it’s been in style for many decades. Getting a Brazilian wax entails removing almost all of the pubic hair, which even includes the butt as well.

The only hair that’s left is a fashionable landing strip in the center, which the technician can shape into a small rectangle or triangle.


3. Hollywood Wax

If you’re tired of dealing with any amount of pubic hair, then the glamorous Hollywood wax is up to your alley. The Hollywood wax removes every last bit of hair and there’s no landing strip like the Brazilian.

Women who enjoy the hairless look could also benefit from other services like face waxing so they can achieve the silkiest skin all over.

4. French Wax

The French wax is a happy medium between a bikini line and a Brazilian. The technician removes hair further in than the bikini line to prevent any hairs from peeking out if you wear a skimpier bottom.

The French wax also has a landing strip, but the hair is left in a fuller rectangular shape.

5. Heart-Shaped Wax

Do you have a fun and lighthearted spirit when it comes to your looks? If so, you could have a blast getting a heart-shaped wax that removes all of the hair except for a heart design.

This is a silly way to surprise your partner.

Are You Interested in Trying Any of These Types of Bikini Wax?

Now that you’ve learned about the most common types of bikini wax styles, you can walk into your first appointment with confidence. Choosing a flattering style and using natural ingredients like honey wax will ensure that you fall in love with the results.

Beauty trends come and go, even when it comes to our grooming habits. This is why it’s important to stay on top of these updates so you never miss a beat. Bookmark our website before you head out so you can keep coming back for more fashion and beauty advice.

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