If you are setting out on a move and you need some form of transportation to get all of your belongings from point A to point B, trust that you are not alone. In such an instance, perhaps the most difficult decision that a majority of individuals face is whether to use a moving company or to do the job themselves.

While using a moving company does come with its advantages, including stress-free moving and professional packaging, it can also be costly – which is something that is not necessarily appealing during such a chaotic and overwhelming time. Moreover, you have to schedule your time according to the schedule of the professional movers, which can result in overlap when you have to go into work.

Confronted with the need to move, hiring a trailer can offer you more flexibility while saving you a lot of money on average moving expenses. If this sounds pleasing to the eye, here are 5 things to consider before hiring a trailer:

1. There are different kinds of trailers

When considering hiring a trailer, it is important to bare in mind that there are different kinds offered by a rental company. They come in a variety of sizes, each designed to accommodate a wide range of moves, including local moves and long-distance moves, as well as differing in payload and towing capacity.

2. The cost of hiring a trailer depends on several factors

Just as there are different kinds of trailers, the cost of hiring a trailer varies depending on the type of trailer you are interested in hiring and its size, the distance of the origin to the destination, and the added cost of fuel.

3. There are a right and a wrong way to load a trailer

Believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong way to load a trailer. Proper loading is crucial in order to prevent your belongings from getting damaged during the transportation process. Heavier items should be loaded first and they should be placed towards the end closest to the car for maximum stability, while light items should be placed on top and towards the back of the trailer.

4. Hiring a trailer must be done ahead of time

Once you have found the right rental company for you, you should book the trailer you are interested in as soon as possible. If you wait until moving day, it might not be available. Similarly, there are forms that you will need to fill out that may take some time to clear.

By hiring a trailer ahead of time, you can rest assured knowing that it will be ready and waiting for you on moving day.

5. Not just anyone can hire a trailer

Rental companies have specific requirements for hiring a trailer, including being old enough to rent one, having a valid driver’s license, as well as presenting forms of identification and a valid debit/credit card. It is important to determine if you meet the aforementioned requirements.

Trailer hire has become one of the most popular ways to relocate to a new area due to the cost-effective scope of the service. In fact, it has been found that hiring a trailer can cut moving expenses by approximately 50%! That being said, if you can handle the load and the responsibility, your local trailer hire team will be more than happy to help you find a quality, affordable trailer suitable to your needs and preferences.

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