There are many reasons why employers have opted for corporate gifting. Whether it has been to show appreciation for the service or to reward someone for outstanding achievement, this is not something that is a recent trend.

You might have seen thousands of articles and blogs being written on the best corporate gifting solutions, which hold true for all ages. Why then have we taken the pains to create other articles on the same lines?

This is because, there is little thought, meaning, intention, and sensitivity, which is attached to corporate gifting in today’s times. If an office has decided to gift something, there should be an aim, objective, and considerable planning involved.

With the holidays around the corner and the world getting back to normalcy post the pandemic, let us look at five important rules for corporate gifting.

Why Businesses should pay attention to what they gift their employees?

The employee of today is very different from the ones, businesses used to have two decades back. Just compare yourself with your dad or your mom and you will be able to understand what we are referring to.

Employees are now much more aware, sensitive towards certain things and want their employers to respect the same. Just to give you a small example, employees would much rather prefer companies use eco-friendly custom tote bags to store the gifts that wrap them in single-use plastic!

They also value things, which they will be able to use even after the moment is over. In other words, gifting something, which is functional like a tote bag can be repurposed as a grocery bag or beach bag in the future.

As an employer, you really want to add value to your employees’ lives just as they bring value to your business. In order to do that, you need to follow the five rules of corporate gifting.

List of 5 Rules of Corporate Gifting you need to follow this Christmas

Corporate Gifting

1. Personalize the Gift-

You would be buying things in bulk and arranging them in beautiful custom tote bags. This means that everyone will be getting the same thing. What businesses can do is add a small note from the business owner or the CEO addressed individually to the employee. This is a small, yet sweet gesture of personalization, which can go a long way to making it special.

2. Invest in Quality-

Even though your gift is restricted to two or three items, you need to ensure that they are of top-quality. As an employer, you would expect nothing but the best in terms of work from your employees. This is why as a business your employees also expect the best from you. Companies should seriously invest in high-quality goods and stay away from cheap bags that’ll end up falling apart after one use.

3. Have Sensitive Gifts-

Offer gifts, which are unlikely to result in issues and debates. Go for things, which are uniformly liked by all, like headphones, mugs, and chocolates. These are safe and best.


4. Don’t give Coupons or Offer Vouchers-

You are a business and you need to act accordingly. Giving employees a 20% discount coupon is not something you would wish to do. If you want to go for vouchers or discount coupons go for a set voucher price of $250 USD or $500 USD depending on your budget. However, if you can avoid giving out vouchers, and go for something more personal, it sends a nicer message to your staff.

5. Pay Attention to Details-

There are multiple things, which can go wrong when it comes to corporate gifting. Wrong name tags, allergic product items, and expired chocolates are some things, which can make the experience go badly. This is why you need someone to ensure that everything is right and there are no unexpected unpleasant surprises in store for either you or your employees.

The Final Word

By following all the above-mentioned rules, employers can ensure that their corporate gifting ideas are a hit with their employees. Paying attention to the small details respecting sensitivities and finding gifts, which are both attractive and functional are great markers, which make for perfect corporate gifting.

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