Laser eye surgery is undergone by many for a variety of reasons. It involves using advanced technology to correct your vision. SMILE and Lasik are the most popular types of laser eye surgery. They have a high success rate. Even if you can’t completely get rid of glasses or contact lenses, your reliance on them will be reduced to a significant extent. But people are often asked why they undergo surgery and spend so much on it. So, let us look at a few reasons why people undergo laser eye surgery. 

1. Improved Vision

Wearing glasses or contact lenses does not mean your vision is corrected. They only help you to see better. It is similar to walking with a crutch when your legs are injured. But SMILE and LASIK help in correcting your eyesight. They ensure that you receive a long-term solution after undergoing surgery. The cost of the surgeries also varies depending on factors such as which eye surgeon will be conducting it. You can always find a clinic where your surgery can be conducted at a reasonable rate.

2. Reduced Ongoing Expenses

Most of the time, glasses get damaged, and you have to fix them. Contact lenses have an expiration date, after which you will have to get a new pair.

But the chances of needing retreatment after undergoing eye surgery is minimum. Therefore, SMILE and LASIK is a worthwhile investment as it offers a permanent solution. You will understand that the cost of replacing them at frequent intervals is much lesser than opting for a permanent solution.

3. Enhanced Appearance

Gone are the days when glasses were considered a nerd’s accessory. Nowadays, people even wear fake glasses to enhance their looks. But many people dislike wearing glasses because they think that it impacts their appearance. And they might be allergic to contact lenses. Therefore, undergoing SMILE or LASIK surgery is practical for them. 

Eye Surgery

4. Convenience

In some working environments, it is not possible to wear glasses. Suppose you have to work outdoors for extended hours. You have to commute while it’s raining. We know how foggy our glasses can get when it’s raining outside. Maybe you have to work around children, and there’s a high possibility that your glasses will get damaged. Contact lenses are also inconvenient in some situations. Imagine the impracticality of wearing contacts in a commercial kitchen with exposure to so many ovens. In such instances, it is wise to get SMILE surgery done to reduce your dependence on glasses or contacts.

5. Get Rid Of Glasses

It is very difficult to wear glasses when you are a sportsperson. Imagine the risks of wearing glasses while you are playing soccer. Or maybe you are a professional swimmer. It is not convenient for a swimmer to wear glasses, and they can’t wear contacts as well. Laser eye surgery can help you avoid all these problems and focus on the sport. 

Ending Note

Hope you are convinced of the reasons why people should get SMILE or LASIK. Do let us know in the comments section if you have any more advice or questions.

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