Buying an airplane is a two-way street, especially when hunting for finances and other options you can use to procure the jet. It takes quite a while to go around different prospects of loans, bank credits, asset mortgage setups to substantiate which particular medium will help you reap the maximum benefits. If you want to get a personal jet just for business purposes during a season, it is better to lease it rather than buying it full throttle. 

Wet Lease 

This lease is also known as the ACMI Lease, which means that the leasing company will provide you with the aircraft in return for a pre-decided among and secure crew, maintenance, and insurance. By far, for people who do not want to invest a lot and take the burden of figuring out the technicalities, this has proven to be the best option as the buyer or lessee gets everything provided in return for the money. 

This eliminates most of the hassle. The lessor and not the lessee pay the remuneration of the team. In any case, the tenant pays the expense of fuel, stopping, landing, and so on. 

Regardless of whether the plane flies, the renter must pay for the base to ensure the lessor fixes block hours. If you are looking for something which amounts to a complete package without fully emptying your kitty, then getting yourself signed with a reputed company for a wet lease is the best possible option that you can go for. So, are you ready for your next weekend vacation

Dry Lease 

This is the most common type of dry lease that is readily used by airline companies to procure multiple fleets of aircraft. But unlike a wet lease, people do not get the benefits of a ready-made crew at their service. Most airline companies already have a crew trained as per their protocols, which nullifies the need to set up a new unit. So, in case you are a part of the airline industry or are planning to launch a new line, then this lease is tailored for you. 


Along with that, if your airline business is going through a rough patch, then leasing a few aircraft during a shortage of maintenance recruits can help you move through it all and more. The dry lease facility can also help you if your airplanes are on maintenance, but since you have the required staff, you can quickly sign a short dry lease agreement and carry on with your services without any hindrance.  

Damp Lease 

A damp lease agreement is a hybrid product of wet and dry lease. In this setup, along with the aircraft, the lessor provides the maintenance and flight crew, whereas the lessee readies the cabin crew. Assume you are in the carrier industry, and because of unpredictable conditions, you can’t pull off the working of the airplane that you claim and guarantee consistent development for your flight group. That is the point at which a rent arrangement can assist you with restoring the circumstance to revive the conditions. 

This particular kind of arrangement has helped many businesses stand back up on their feet from a situation where they were sinking in humongous amounts of losses. These agreements can be made for a certain period of time, after which you can either choose to renew the lease or move away from it depending on the prevailing circumstances. 


If you have finally made up your mind about leasing the aircraft, the research has more to it. These three segregations in the lease facility come with their own set of pros and cons. You need to evaluate which plan would help you to maximize and fulfill your requirements. 

These leasing agreements have helped numerous people and businesses to incredible levels. Wet, dry, and damp leasing are all great choices, but you must rely upon multiple factors that drove the decision to enter into a leasing settlement. 

For example, the lease’s tenure, the leasing company’s capital design, the feeling of possession, and additional benefits. Aircraft leasing has seen steady growth because there are multiple destinations where the crowd generally accumulates during specific times throughout the year. So if you are someone who needs a jet for a short period or wants to add another fleet of aircraft to your company, then leasing would help you through it all. 

With low prices, high benefits, and flexible plans and schemes, one can easily get the most done out of a lease agreement. And always remember that in case you encounter a potential problem, you can look to hire a team of professionals that can guide you through various steps.

Aerospace Union Limited is an excellent choice for aviation-related needs because the company has professionals with years of experience. Be it legal, financial, or technical matters, you can count on them for help.

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