Not being able to drive freely because of a suspended license can cause problems with your job and restrict your freedom. It might seem tempting to ignore your suspension and hit the road anyway. Here’s why that’s not a good idea and what you can do instead.


1. Driving With a Suspended License Is a Misdemeanor Offense

Suspended License

When caught driving with a suspended license, drivers face serious consequences: three years of probation, anywhere from five days to six months in jail and a fine of at least $300. If it happens again, you receive from 10 days to one year in jail and a fine of up to $2,000. If the suspension is due to DUI, punishments are even more severe.

2. Evading Police Is a Bad Idea

Evading Police

If you’re behind the steering wheel with a suspended license and police officers want you to pull over, don’t try to run. Fleeing from police just adds further charges and also makes it harder to argue in court that you didn’t know about the suspension.

3. Hiring a Traffic Lawyer Right Away Makes a Difference

Traffic Lawyer

An experienced Los Angeles traffic ticket lawyer can help you to avoid a suspension in the first place by fighting your original ticket immediately. This applies to speed tickets, DUI charges, reckless driving accusations and other situations.

4. Not Every Infraction Means Mandatory Suspension

Sometimes the Department of Motor Vehicles has discretion on whether to suspend your license or not. Having a knowledgeable lawyer present at your hearing is a major asset. They can

  • Call and interview witnesses
  • Present evidence
  • Cross-examine law enforcement officials
  • Help you to testify on your own behalf

5. Getting Your License Back

Even if your license has been suspended, there are steps you can take with your lawyer. Los Angeles allows you to apply for a Restricted Driver’s License so you can drive to work and keep working. Reinstatement has its own requirements, which is why having an experienced lawyer helps a lot.

Don’t give in to despair. Take action to deal with the situation. Get a dedicated traffic lawyer – like the ones from The Ticket Clinic – and get your life back.

Getting a license suspended is really a terrible condition and you feel dishearten and lose your confidence. But it’s not the time to feel low but you should face the situation and move ahead in a wise manner. Consult a lawyer and he can guide you best as per your situation so that you can work freely again and with full confidence. You can browse net and gain useful information so that you can be sure that you are moving ahead in the right manner.

Online search is the best option these days in order to look for anything and have complete information on any anything. So, make your life simple and easy by going ahead wisely rather than losing hope.

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