We all know, Security Measures are very important in the online marketing world, we have used in the banking sector also for a money transaction. Standing on a long queue, waiting for our turn, reaching the clerk counter, etc. It was utterly exhausting and mundane. Also, thinking about the procedures to open a new account is tiresome either. Further, we can recall the stress that we all had until completing a transaction and reaching home with the money safely. Almost in every way it was challenging and a matter of elders people.

If you can just recall, how you have been dealing with banking procedures a decade back, we will get embarrassed by the growth of technology by far. Today almost every one of us is carrying out our transactions through online banking. It is no surprise, the role of the technology behind this feat.

Today, almost everything associated with the bank can be done by our mobile devices. Notably, the impact of digitalization fueled the whole process to reach statures faster. Hence, it is impossible to survive without the knowledge of online banking.

However, even we achieve such a progressive movement for managing our economy, the threats associated with it was increasing over time.

 As the bank got digitalized and the transactions are turned into signals and codes. The online frauds and hackers find several routes to steal the hard earned money. So, we need to be more cautious to keep our internet banking safe and secure all around.

Today, let’s check some of the tips to cover up our online banking security.

1. Avoid public wifi

The risks lurking behind public wifi is substantial. We may not be able to see it at the peripherals. But, it is daunting all the way. Especially, for internet banking, it is highly risky. We may ignore the consequences of public wifi for saving our time.

 But be aware that the hackers try to fish in the troubled water. While a lot of people connected to a single point the security that the network can offer would be terrible. That will make our network vulnerable and easily crackable.

So, always keep this in your mind and try to avoid using banking services over the public wifi.

2. Trash the Spam emails

As a user, it is no surprise that we will get tens of thousands of emails. Fortunately, our email service providers are able to categorize it one by one. However, we cannot predict how many of it is for a good cause and how many are with wicked motives.

If you are getting any emails with suspicious content or unknown links and invitations, it’s better to trash it. Don’t ever dare to open it either, because it may contain a deadly virus or malware to snatch our data. It is recommended to follow a good email communication practice, rather than disoriented follow up.

Always keep an eye over the emails that you are receiving, it is common nowadays that phishing emails are looting people on a large scale. Hence, if any mail is asking your bank details or personal credentials, report it immediately and inform the bank asap.

3. Ensure the websites are SSL certified

The number of offers and promotions from the bank is plenty today. Each day we might be getting a vast number of tempting deals. But, it may not be coming from our bank directly. Many of the frauds are trying with offers to intrude into our accounts. However, even if it looks very authentic and promising one, please check whether the website that the link or offer message leads is SSL certified.

SSL Security

Because the official websites will be certified by SSL protocols. We can see HTTPS on the address bar with a green lock sign. An SSL certificate is an encryption protocol to secure our website from attackers. It will secure our transaction data by encryption technology and decode it only at the destination with a matching key.

And for internet transactions, it is a must have to secure it. Hackers try to redirect our attention and try to mislead with a real-like website. We can identify it with the URL visible on the bar.

4. Password protection

One of the critical factor to consider in setting our internet banking is a strong password. As a regular using gateway, people used to set easy-to-remember passwords. Unbeknownst to the consequences, they used to keep it for decades even.

In fact, this is a like paving the path for the online attackers. Hackers are intelligent than we are thinking. So they can guess and try our password easily. Every year we can see a list of most easily hackable passwords used in the online platforms across the world from Google or such concerned authorities.

Adding a few elements can ake our passwords strength such as capital letters, symbols, and numbers, etc. Hence, never ever think about an easy go on your passwords.

5. Always enable notification

Notification service has helped every user increasingly to confirm the transactions histories that they made regularly. There was a time, people can know about any movements in their accounts once they reached and checked about their account details and past transactions. But, by on-time notification that can be availed over our devices mitigated almost every problem tagged around that. Today, each and every transaction will be visible on our inbox real time.

So, don’t hesitate to register your mobile phone number and email id’s with our bank account. It will help generously to find the unusual activities occurring in your accounts easily. If so, we can reach the bank officials and do appropriate actions as soon as possible.

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