The body needs to be active for the most part of the day. Yet, taking a rest might not work in your interest. The body is for use, and you will realize that staying put for some time can put your back at risk. Note that some physical activities, which can be good for health, can cause chronic back pain. We have put together some of these. We hope you learn to do things the right way and avoid getting in the way of the excruciating pain.

1. Driving can cause Chronic Back Pain

Taking a drive in your car or in public transport can cost you a lot. If you are driving, take the precaution of sitting upright. Sometimes, the terrain might not be visible, and you have to prop forward to have a better view. Have in mind that the body, especially the back, needs to maintain a good posture. Hence, try to sit upright anytime you are behind the wheels.

It is sad that most drivers move away from the comfort of their seats, and choose to sit at the middle of the car’s seat. This is a bad posture, as the body is not upright. Also, have in mind that you will be driving for some minutes (or hours as the case may be). It will do you a lot of good if you can get a pillow to support the back as you drive. This way, you can maintain the right posture and get away from chronic back pain.

2. Your Dress Code contributes to Back Pain

Are you a fashion freak? You may like to get your hands on the latest shoes that hit the market. You are in the way of danger when you put of sky-high stilettos and other shoes that can change your walking steps. It is better to stick to low-heeled wears, such as sandals.


Apart from your shoes, the load you carry also matters. Go for light briefcases or bags. Avoid slinging them over the shoulder, especially, when the load is heavy. Besides, try to reduce the load you have in them, as more weight means more stress on the body.

3. Sleeping on the Stomach causes Back Pain

It is very uncommon that the period of rest can trigger pains in the back. Note that sleeping i\n the wrong position is a direct call for chronic back pain. Different researches opine that sleeping on the stomach is one of the causes of back pain.

To this end, it is pertinent to use alternate positions. Sleeping with the back is a good way to avoid the chronic effects of back pain. As an added advantage, consider using a pillow to support the back while you sleep.

4. Chronic Back Pain is in the offing when you sit for hours

Staying put in a position for a long time can be disastrous for the body. There is a need to change positions at intervals. The same applies to when you sit. Do not stay put on the chair for a long time. You can pace around the environment or get a pillow to support the back. Besides, it will be a good idea to get a chair that enhances your posture.

It has been posited that sitting for long hours exerts more pressure on the disks and vertebrate. Hence, take some walk after spending some time sitting behind the desk at the office. Alternating sitting with walking and standing is an escape from chronic back pain and the dastardly effect on the body.

5. Not Engaging in an Activity can Trigger Back Pain

The body is there to work. So, when you starve it of some shake-ups during the day, it tends to relax. When you don’t partake in any activity that can exert strength from the body, you are setting the pace for back pain. Thus, it is vital to put the body to good use. Take a walk, jog down the street, and carry light items. With these approaches, you stand a fair chance against chronic back pain.

Final Thoughts on Chronic Back Pain

Many people experience chronic back pain throughout their lives. Genetic factors can cause this but physical activities also have a role. Always watch the things you do and find out the negative effects on the time. You never can tell! The activities you engage in can be the reason behind the pain you feel when you bend over or straighten up. Today is still hay. So, make the sun shine by avoiding activities that will put you at risk of chronic back pain.

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Anne is the author and founder of She is passionate about helping people who suffer from chronic pain and also love to share some tips and advice about health and wellness.

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