All commercial and industrial premises will need clean floors, no matter what the industry. The cleanliness of the floors will be more critical in some businesses than in others, but all commercial enterprises need to adopt regular floor cleaning and sanitizing practices. It also doesn’t matter what the floors are made of, whether they are concrete, tiles, carpet, timber, or otherwise. Clean floors are essential to every business.

To enable the capacity to keep floors clean without it consuming too much time, a floor cleaning machine such as a floor scrubber machine will make light work of most commercial floor surfaces. A floor scrubber will slice loads of time off the cleaning process and is a cost-effective cleaning solution for just about every business.

Let’s take a look at some key reasons why it’s important to keep those floors clean, tidy, hygienic, and free of obstacles. 

1. Clean Floors Are Safer Floors

Floors that are regularly kept clean and free of debris and obstacles are always going to be safer than a surface that is dirty, covered in contaminants, wet, smothered in slippery substances, or floors that are cluttered and present a hazard to everyone.

Many an accident has occurred either due to a floor not being properly clean, or a surface that’s wet or contains some other form of hazardous debris.

In order to be compliant with Workplace Health & Safety Standards, your commercial floor should be kept as clean as possible and be cleaned as often as is necessary to maintain high standards for safety reasons. 

2. Keeping the Floors Clean Creates a Good Impression

Whether you have people visiting your premises, customers, suppliers, government officials, new employees or anyone at all, a dirty and messy floor is going to create a very bad impression. You’ll want to achieve the opposite, with a lasting good first impression due to diligence in maintaining and operating a clean workplace.

One major reason the floors are so important when it comes to first impressions is the amount of area they cover. The floor space is likely the single largest area in your business, so it’s very easy to notice the condition it’s in.

Think about the last time you walked into any business premises and one of the very first things you would have noticed would have been the floors. It might be a conscious or unconscious observation, but either way, that first impression would have been implanted in the mind. 

Commercial Floor

3. Hygienic Floor Surfaces Are Vital For Many Businesses

All types of businesses should strive for hygienic floor surfaces, but in some industries, obviously, this is of greater concern. Places like restaurants, fast food outlets, enterprises where food or beverages are prepared, bars, cafes, catering companies and so on all need top quality hygiene practices when it comes to the floors.

We talked about floor scrubbing machines in the intro to this article and many floor scrubbers can distribute cleaning solutions to sanitize the floor surfaces. They sweep, scrub, sanitize, and dry all at the same time, depending on the model you use.

In commercial premises in the food and beverage industry, a lot of focus is placed on keeping benches clean, washing dishes, cleaning tables, and the like, but it can be easy to forget about sanitizing those floors.

If your premises ever undergo a health inspection, you’ll want it to pass the test. 

4. Clean Floors Are Essential, Not An Afterthought

So far we’ve discussed some reasons why it’s important to maintain clean floors as much as possible in your commercial premises, no matter what the industry. Some business owners may make the mistake of thinking clean floors are an added bonus rather than an essential part of the workday routine and curriculum.


Clean floors should never be an afterthought or something that’s only taken care of when there’s absolutely nothing else to do.

If your employees don’t have the time to clean the floors, then you’ll want to consider hiring a commercial cleaning company to do it for you. 

The Takeaway

Clean floors are important for health and safety, creating good impressions, and ensuring pride in the workplace. With the right equipment or having a cleaning company on board, the task of keeping the floors clean is really quite simple.

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