As a parent, you might want to always be nearby your child to ensure his safety. However, you can’t be available every time!

But, you can teach them a few safety and first-aid skills, and they’ll be empowered to help themselves indoor as well as outdoor. Read on to know more!

Teach Them How To Get In Touch With Loved Ones

The first safety tip for teaching your kid is how to reach parents or other loved ones during emergencies. Some of the things you can teach are:

Know Your Contact Details

Though your child may be small to memorize all these things, it is necessary to teach them basic contact details. She/he should know your name, address, and phone number so that they can share it with someone during emergencies. This is something you need to practice over and over again, many times a day.

Further, teach them not to share these details with anyone except for emergencies.

Calling 911 Operator

Teach your kids to call 911 in case of emergencies and tell the operator that they need help. Ask them to stay wherever the emergency personnel should come. 

Teach Your Kids Some Essential First Aid Skills

From the moment a child takes his first step, he’s bound to have some tumbles. So, it is a good idea to teach them some basic first aid tips so that they can help themselves and others as well.

How To Stop Bleeding

Most of the wounds stop bleeding with direct pressure. You can stock a little first-aid kit with wadded-up cloth or bandage and explain to them how to press down the wound using it. If your child is helping another person, ask him to cover his hands with plastic or wash afterward.



How To Treat A Burn

“Got burned? Get to water “ is all your child needs to know. Run the burned area of the skin under cool water or wet towel until the pain subsides. Cover small blisters with a loose bandage and tape.

How To Perform CPR

Say, “If someone isn’t breathing, start CPR.” If your child is 10 or older, he has enough weight and strength to press a chest down for CPR. It is a very basic skill that children, as well as adults,  should know. 

Execute An Emergency Game Plan

As a parent, you should have a plan in the event of a flood, fire, or other emergencies. Teach this plan to your kids at a young age so that they can execute it at a moment’s notice. Some of the steps you can include are:

  • Teach your kids to stop, drop, and roll if they catch their clothes on fire. Explain them to put their burned clothes out and roll on a hard surface or grass.
  • Make sure that the kids don’t swim alone. Ask them to keep the life jacket on and teach them to watch out for rip currents. If stuck, they need to swim parallel to the shore to get out.
  • Train your children to be mindful of their surroundings so that they can identify the emergency signs. 

No One Is Allowed To Touch Your Child’s Body

It is another important safety tip you should teach your kids as soon as they understand the basics. Tell your child that no one is allowed to touch him/her except family. You can teach them about good touch and bad touch so that they can immediately shout for help if needed. 

Bottom Line

It is crucial to teach your kids about these general safety rules as soon as he/she is able to understand. Keep your communication age-appropriate and open so that they can tell you everything without any fear.

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