Regular running and staying consistent is the key to a healthy lifestyle. You can completely transform your body, mind, and soul if you run 20-25 minutes at least 5 days a week. We are not even exaggerating.

We have all heard this, running is good for health, and you start feeling better and all that good stuff. However, today we are going to tell you more. These benefits can’t really be ignored.

Just a warning! You will only fully feel these benefits if you take up running as an everyday thing. No excuses! So, pack up your running accessories and read on.

You are mentally relaxed:

In this fast-paced life, it is difficult to keep your mental state stable. Frustration, irritability, and stress have become a part of our lives. Running can help you cope with all of this. You start feeling more fresh and active. By running, you are able to reduce the activity in your frontal cortex, this automatically reduces your stress. Running is simple and with its simplicity, it brings the most benefits.

Moreover, studies have shown that regular running can also help with anxiety and panic attacks. Scientists say that the more active a person is, the less likely the risk of a panic attack. So, if you are suffering from anxiety sensitivity or even depression, make sure to add running as part of the process. Take therapy, eat well, have your meds and run! So, You have it figured out.

Elevated mood:

Running can help you feel happier and focused. It can also drastically improve your mood and your creativity. Being in a good mood and feeling creative can help you achieve many things in life. You’d feel more invested in life. With a good mood, you would be able to do more than you can imagine.


An elevated mood will also help you make better relations with your friends and loved ones. So, in case anyone has been complaining about you being cranky all the time, it’s time you start working on it. Maybe even try taking a friend for a run, you need that extra boost of motivation.

Feeling physically fit:

It’s not only about how you feel mentally, or how good your mood becomes. Running can eventually lead you to feel great about all your bodily functions. With running you can regulate your blood pressure, your glucose levels and also feel little body aches. Other than that, if you do a proper warm-up, exercise and cool down every day, you would also be able to increase your metabolism. So say goodbye to that extra fat and hello to a good healthy life body.

You are more productive:

If you have a runner in your workplace, you must have noticed how productive they are. Well, it is true. A runner tends to feel more productive and it works more efficiently as compared to a non-runner. Why wouldn’t they? They feel great mentally as well as physically. With not a worry in mind, they are able to focus fully on work. Running can increase performance rates in all areas of life.

You feel more confident:

Running can give you an extra boost of confidence. With running, you aren’t only feeling great on the inside, but it starts to show on the outside too. You are looking much smarter, your skin is glowing. Just not adults, but even if kids run regularly, they will have an extra dose of self-esteem. They can become more playful and also achieve better in studies and other activities.

Your perception of you matters the most and with running, a person starts to perceive them more attractive; and there is no doubt in it.

You look and feel smarter:

Feeling more mentally fit can also help you process more information at work. The more attentive you are when you are being given a task, the better are the chances to outperform in it.

Studies show that running can improve cortisol levels and with that your memory power also increases.

You are in control of your life:

Once you make a habit of something every day and stick to it, you immediately feel more in control of yourself. Running is a great habit in that sense, with all its other benefits working side-by-side.

If you set up a routine and run every morning, you would only work hard the first few days to adjust to it. The rest of the days and looking at improvement, you would eventually feel motivated enough to finally get your life in order. With negative emotions out of your system, you would be able to see a clearer picture of your life and make the right decisions.

Burning calories:

Running is a great exercise to help you burn calories and lose extra weight. Want to know something cool? After a run, your body keeps burning calories even when you have stopped. Your body stays active. So, even when you are resting, your body is likely to burn nearly 200 calories for the next 14 hours. Amazing, isn’t it?

You are sleeping better:

Sometimes in life, your sleep routine gets messed up because of extra work and a tiring day. You may stay in bed all night unable to sleep. However, once you start running, you will start to notice the betterment in your sleep pattern. As soon as you hit your head on the pillow, you would be snoozing. Running helps you sleep like a baby, and everyone loves a good night’s sleep.

Improvement in your diet and lifestyle habits:

One good habit leads to another. As you start running, there’s a chance that you would want to eventually change other ways of life as well. A single improvement factor can be very motivating. You would reduce your alcohol consumption, have moderate and balanced diets and stay active all the time. Running will make you do things that you thought you would never do. Even make you eat a salad! They are actually very healthy and full of nutrition.

That’s it!

Actually, it’s not. There are so many more benefits to running once you start doing it. You will notice gradual changes from the first time you go running. These changes will keep getting better with time, a few days in, then months and then a whole year after if you compare the new-self with the old self, you will realize how far you have come and what it was all worth. So, we suggest that you take up running as a habit. It will transform you as well as your life completely.

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