The world of vehicles and driving is nothing if at all similar to what it used to be back in the day when I was growing up. The modern technological advances alone blow my mind and the fact that cars are parking themselves and in some countries driving themselves is both amazing and brilliant.

I remember sitting in the backseat of my granny’s car with a scorcher of a day showing itself as we head to school and trying to open the window at lightning speed. The problem was that this ‘vintage’ vehicle had the roll-down window handles (which I still love to this day) and they had been baking in the heat from the early hours and were now boiling.

Trying to hold them long enough to turn the knob so I could roll down the window to get some fresh air before crisping up in the backseat is a fond memory I hold dear to me still (If you know what I’m talking about, take a quick moment to reminisce here

These days, however, the electronics of cars make it almost impossible to get hot, not to mention not needing to open any windows.

The Fun of the Future

Having recently purchased a new car I was not used to the luxury of ‘extras’ and accessories, and it took some getting used to. The electric mechanisms that allowed the seats to go not only forwards and backward (who remembers the lever maneuver?) but also up and down so you get a better view out the front window, win-win.

I will admit though that it didn’t take long to get comfortable with the heated seats and steering wheel option, and I don’t have to think of a reason as often as to why my husband is better suited to drop the kids off in the dead of winter.

If you enjoy the finer comforts in life then adding those features to your decision-making list when shopping for a new car is a must.

You can also go ‘all out if your budget allows for it getting all the trimmings installed and added on, and by the end of it, you may have to do nothing besides hop in and punch in a destination. Now, this is something I wouldn’t mind trialing, am I right?

New Versus Pre-Owned

car delers

People immediately think that new is better than pre-owned with the notion that pre-owned has been damaged, stained, or had years of wear and tear and this is not always true.

A new car may simply have been bought as a gift and ended up not being functionally sound for the recipient who then sold it for a different one, or it had been used by a little granny who bought it with her savings and did a few trips a week hence the low mileage but decided it was too much for her and got rid of it.

There are plenty of reasons why a pre-owned car is called just that, it has been loved before and is now ready for new ownership, and this is where you come in. If you are in the market for a car but not sure where or how to start, then having a look at Northstar car dealers Mildura can help you see the variety and options available on the market in both categories, and you can chat with industry professionals for advice and guidance on the best fit for you.

There is something for everyone and with the expert’s help you can set off on your new vehicle journey on the right foot, headed in the right direction – and where this may be is up to you, an adventure awaits when you have new wheels to ‘break in.’

Using a Reputable Supplier

This part of the process tends to be overwhelming for some folk, and for me, I was a bit hesitant too. Knowing you have to sign on the dotted line and hoping to not be throwing a large sum of money into a black hole by trusting a dealership or car seller, I highly recommend doing your research and homework into the supplier before jumping to any final decisions.

A few traits to look for and be aware of will keep you vigilant and on your toes in case something seems off which should raise a red flag, and if this is the case you would be best served to look elsewhere. Let’s take a look at the top points that came up in conversation when chatting to customers who had recently purchased a car.

Operating Hours

If a reliable and reputable company ‘wants’ your business they will be easily and readily available during the workweek and in some cases the weekends. You want to reach them without a hassle, and if this is not possible then imagine the service you are likely to receive if something were to go off course with the sale.

The list of criteria can get quite extensive, see what others had to say on the subject in this link and how they dealt with the sale from start to finish, what they looked for, and how they felt the overall experience was handled.

  • Location

Using a local business can give you peace of mind, they will more than likely have a trusted reputation and being nearby will be convenient to visit the offices if there are any queries.

  • Financing

Enquire if they have different options, is there a payment plan, is it all required upfront, what are the interest rates. These are all legitimate and necessary questions and the salesperson or company should be happy to answer them.

A new car can be a stepping stone to a better life, you’ll feel safer and more comfortable, but you can also plan (or not) exciting trips for you and your family to go exploring and see the world that awaits. Memories are what life is made of.

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