Oral health is important. Your mouth is full of bacteria, many of which are beneficial. However, when they interact with the food you eat they combine to create an acid. This attacks the enamel on your teeth and causes tooth decay.

It may not seem like an issue for children that have baby teeth. After all, these will be replaced. However, building good oral health habits as a child will help to ensure these practices are carried through to the future and protect the oral health of your children as they become adults.

The fact that oral health and overall health are connected should help to reinforce the importance of oral health in children.

Regular Dental Visits

Your child’s first dental visit should be as soon as their first tooth appears. It’s unlikely that they’ll be any issues at this stage. But, if there is they’ll be picked up on. More importantly, it will create the habit of visiting the dentist. This reduces the likelihood of fear of the dentist developing, which can cause significant issues later in life.

Of course, you need to pick a reputable dentist, such as this dentist Neutral Bay. This will ensure they get the best possible treatment from a dentist used to deal with children’s teeth.

Brush Daily

From the moment your child gets their first tooth you need to start brushing it. They will quickly learn what you’re doing and will take it over themselves. It’s best to brush twice a day for two minutes each time.

To avoid placing too much pressure on your brush hold it with just your forefinger and thumb. Don’t forget to brush your tongue at the same time.

Oral Health


Flossing should be done once a day. It’s an effective way of removing debris and plaque from between your teeth. There is no reason why your child can’t start flossing as soon as they have two teeth or more.

Consider Their Drinks

Many foods and drinks are high in sugar. It’s this processed sugar that makes the food and drinks taste so good and makes it hard to say no to them. However, sugar is extremely bad for your teeth. It’s important to limit consumption. This means no snacking between meals and sticking to sugar-free drinks, such as water.

Get A Baby Toothbrush

Your baby must have a baby toothbrush. These are soft enough to prevent gum damage and help them to build a habit of brushing their teeth twice every day.

Know The Emergency Number

Hopefully, you’ll never need to use it. But, if you have children there is a possibility that they’ll damage their teeth accidentally. If this happens you’ll want to be prepared. That means having a container to hold any broken teeth while you rush your child to the hospital and see if they can reattach it or not.

It’s a good idea to have a plan that ensures you know how to get to the hospital. This includes the route and method, ensuring your child gets prompt medical attention.

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