A walking diet that is gaining popularity in the streets. This time, we will thoroughly explain typical aerobic exercise methods from the attitude of walking diet, which is important for losing weight, to eating and effective walking. Let’s go along with muscle training and explode the diet effect.

Calories burned during walking | How much weight do you lose?

Even if a 60kg man walks at 4km / h for 30 minutes, it is only 90kcal (half of a rice ball). When converted to running, it consumes about 15 minutes at a slightly faster speed of 6.4 km / h.

Looking at the calories burned, it can be said that it is not easy to lose weight by walking. However, it is still possible to lose weight in a short period of time, depending on the tips of the walking diet.

Walking Diet Tips


In the streets, it is said that you can lose weight just by walking, but there are many people who are not thin, even among those who usually walk. First of all, I will tell you the tips to lose weight in a short period of time by walking.

1. It’s meaningless if you don’t continue

If you continue walking firmly, the diet effect will be exhibited for the first time. Some people say, “I lost 2 kilos just by walking in a day.” However, a single walk in your usual life will not cause you to lose 1 kilo.

First, set a goal of continuing at least 3 times a week, and gradually increase the period and number of times. If you suddenly set a high goal, you tend to get distracted and give up, so it is best to set a goal that can be achieved in a blink of an eye.

2. Don’t just walk

Walking is a kind of training event, not walking.

I know you want to be distracted by something like a Smartphone or a book, but while walking, basically focus on walking. Of course, working with friends or with pets can be a refreshing experience, so I’m not saying it’s no good, but if possible, be careful not to change your form, line of sight, walking speed, etc.

3. Frequent hydration

Occasionally, people are so desperate for a walking diet that they don’t rehydrate. However, instead of dieting, it just causes an abnormality in the body. Let your mind input that taking care of your body is part of your training. Cenforce 150 to improve physical health.

As a guide, take about 150 ml of water (a glass) every 20 minutes. It is important to work on a walking diet in a comfortable situation.

Meals during a walking diet

lose weight


I will explain the meals during walking diet from here. A walking diet will not succeed unless you are particular about your diet. When working on a walking diet, keep the following four points in mind.

  • Eat 3 meals in the morning, noon, & evening.
  • Ingest carbohydrates well
  • Refrain from sweets
  • Keep calories down
  • During your walking diet, try to keep the top four points as much as possible.

The effective time for walking diet | What is the timing to lose weight?

When you stand before meals (on an empty stomach) or after eating rice for a long time, the sugar content in your blood is not very high, so you will start consuming fat efficiently immediately after you start training.

The recommended time for a walking diet is

  • Evening
  • 2 hours after eating dinner
  • Two time zones are recommended.

However, as I say many times, if you are hungry for a long time, your muscles will break down. Eat a few highly absorbent foods such as bananas, yogurt, and fruits 30 minutes before training to avoid running out of energy.

With just this, you can work on a long walk without running out of energy. Knowing the timing is also important for a successful walking diet.

An effective way of walking diet | How to lose weight in a short period of time?

Now that you have read the basics of walking, we will teach you how to go on a walking diet. It is more important than all the knowledge I have introduced so far, such as walking and timing.

The most important thing in a walking diet is to master the correct way of walking. Be sure to read it, as walking in a crumbled warm can hurt your body.

So far, I have explained about walking. Therefore, muscle training is recommended. By building muscle and increasing basal metabolism, you can Vilitra improve the ed effect of walking.

A squat is a large muscle, even in the human body is perfect for a muscle training menu to increase the basal metabolism.

Make your walking diet successful and get your ideal body

We have introduced the walking diet method from the basic knowledge of walking. As explained in the article, you can further enhance the diet effect by working on muscle training and walking. If you think that walking is not enough, let’s aim for the ideal body by combining muscle training.

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