Everyone hates morning but there is an underlying reason behind our hate and that is a lack of sleep. The first step toward establishing a good morning routine is going to bed on time. If you get enough sleep and wake up rested, you will start the day the right way. Once you start following a fixed bedtime, you will notice a decrease in your dislike of mornings.

Start getting up two hours before your office time and you will be surprised how much you can accomplish in those hours. You need to follow a morning grooming routine if you don’t want everyone at your office to think that you just got out of bed. It is important to remember that simply shaving is not enough for your entire look to appear on point. There are many other activities which can help accentuate your overall look. The routine given below will also keep your skin healthy and will help you look fantastic every single day.

 A Little Workout

Nobody wants to get out of bed and start doing jumping jacks. Those who do have made that routine after years of struggle or something is very wrong with them. However, they did start somewhere, so you can make your small start today. Whether you prefer pushups or an early morning walk, you should take part in some form of exercise every morning. You will instantly feel energized to face the new day.


Taking care of personal hygiene does not make you a hygiene freak and those who laugh at such a lifestyle are only envious of its various benefits. One easy way to make sure that you don’t forget to take care of your basic hygiene every morning is by keeping all your hygiene and grooming products in one location.

An early morning shower has a lot of benefits. Not only will it make you feel refreshed but it will also allow you to take care of other things while you are in the shower. The steam softens your nails and opens your pores which is why shower is the perfect place for cutting your nails and shaving your face. You can also brush your teeth while in the shower. If you keep all your skincare products in one place, then you won’t forget to cleanse and clean your face while you are taking a shower.


Shaving every day is a lot better than waiting for your beard to grow and then shaving it. If you do the latter, hair will accumulate in the razor and shaving will require more time. If you shave every day, then you can avoid that problem.


However, shaving every day has its side effects too if you don’t have the right razor. A bad quality razor can harm your skin even if you don’t use it regularly so how can you shave your face with it daily? if you think, branded razors are the answer then wait until you see their prices. So what’s the solution if you want to shave every day?

A subscription with bearded colonel where you can get customized packages that will contain razors that suit your skin type. You won’t have to buy a razor again and again because, with the subscription, razors will be delivered to your doorstep regularly. Scour the internet you can easily find many different online platforms which deal with high-quality razors in exciting prices. If you really want that sleek perfect shave, then make sure you have the right tools at your disposal.


Moisturizing your skin is very important, but people often ignore it. Whether you have dry skin or an oily one, a moisturizer can help keep your skin smooth and hydrated. You don’t have to spend a lot on a  moisturizer as you can find plenty of good ones at reasonable rates. Remember to moisturize daily, especially if you want that shave to look on point.


If you think that sunblock is just for women, then you need to think again. The sun does not shine its rays on one gender only. So if you want to keep your skin protected from the harmful rays of the sun then applying sunblock is a must. Furthermore, wearing sunblock will add a layer of protection to your skin and will help it glow on a daily basis.


It is good to have both a deodorant and a cologne. However, make sure that the deodorant you bought is organic or it can harm your skin. Apply cologne on the warm parts of your body because the increase in heat will release the fragrances.

No one can stop you from having a great day, just try incorporating the activities mentioned above and you will notice a visible change in your look every single day. Compliment your shave with proper skin care and regular exercise to look fantastic no matter where you go.

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