It’s one of the fastest emerging markets in the world as esports continues to gain a growing audience from all demographics – if you’re more a fan of traditional sporting events or aren’t really sure where to get started, here’s a couple of reasons why you should check out esports and perhaps find a new passion.

There’s a lot of diversity

Much like in traditional sporting, there’s plenty of diversity in what’s available – there are two genres within the big three as DoTA2 and League of Legends offer two different spectrums of the MOBA or multiplayer online battle arena. There can be a bit of a learning curve to watching these as they might require a bit of an understanding to get used to, but if you can invest the time, there’s a reason they pull in millions of viewers. The other big title is within Counter-Strike, a first-person shooter – much easier to understand, with short bursts of action throughout, if you’re a newcomer much easier to understand but perhaps a little harder to appreciate. There are a great many other genres to explore too, either directly related or sub-genres that offer a lot of diversity.


Fewer viewing restrictions

One of the bigger downsides to traditional sports can be found within viewing – typically they are trapped behind a paywall through a subscription service or a network with other reasons to watch is a little difficult or not so legitimate, fortunately with esports events are streamed live across different platforms, if you’re just getting into watching then there’s no payment required, just hop on to one of the many streaming platforms and watch for free – there’s also the social part of esports that separates it, having live chat and interaction with streamers and players alike provides a bit more of a unique viewing experience.

Some creature comforts

It’s important to know that there’s some familiarity with the sports too – one of these growing familiarities can be found within betting as it is becoming a big part of esports in general – there have been regulation changes within some markets such as the UK as credit card betting was recently banned and changes to an initiative called Gamstop has made it mandatory for operators to register or be at risk of losing their gaming license, fortunately, there are many credit card casinos and betting sites not on Gamstop, with many advertised through esport events too providing plenty of opportunities.

Now many be a perfect time to check out the market too – whilst some sporting events are still postponed there are many coming back, but esports has managed to go on relatively uninterrupted and whilst most events currently being held are online, once the offline events begin again you’ll be able to attend a familiar big stadium but in a different way to experience the full charm of what esports has to offer – many consider it to be the next big thing, as viewership already rivals or surpasses current events.

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