Numerous big corporations have recently refreshed their brands. Companies like Mozilla, Instagram, Netflix, MasterCard, and Uber have set new benchmarks in branding this past year. This has brought brand refresh back in focus for many marketers. The question is, do you follow their lead?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions of marketers today. In a dynamic information-driven age the power to capture attention is truly incredible. So, if your company is developing, changing or struggling, we highly recommend a Brand Refresh.

If you’re thinking of rebranding you are on the wrong path. Brand refresh is quite different yet as effective. Let’s learn the importance of brand refresh and help you decide if you need it for your company.

What is a Brand Refresh?

Brand refresh is concerned with improving your current brand. It involves rejuvenating your looks, such as getting a better logo, an improved theme, etc. Think of brand refresh as putting a fresh layer of paint on your brand.

In simpler terms, brand refresh usually includes:

  •         Changing your slogan
  •         Improving your existing logo and design
  •         Tweaking the color pallet
  •         Choosing an alternate font
  •         Refurbishing your marketing material

Brand refresh is a tactical maneuver in marketing. The brand refreshing process may be simple for some while complicated for others. This mainly depends on the extent of changes you want to introduce to the current brand image. The main aim is to help make your brand a distinct impact on the consumer’s perspective. A successful brand refresh helps your company to sound, feel and look more attractive. This is a great way to make your brand feel more reliable to your potential and existing customers alike.

Why should you choose to get a Brand Refresh?

In today’s dynamic marketplace every company that wishes to grow needs to ensure that their brand is in line with the current trends. In other words, you cannot afford to stay still while your competitors evolve. You need to adopt a fresh logo and find better ways of communicating with your growing audience. This gives your brand a distinct competitive edge. It is an incredibly important aspect of a successful marketing strategy.This is especially true for small and medium businesses.

An effective brand refresh lets your audience know that you are relevant. It shows that your brand is in sync with the dynamic industry. Suffice to say, you won’t find many buyers for companies that seem to have an outdated impression on consumers. The brand refresh is your chance to reflect a more progressive and inclusive aspect of your company in the market.

Brand refresh is a small makeover for your brand. It is effective in improve the audience’s perception of your brand. Slight improvements are known to freshen up an image distinctly.

When to do a Brand Refresh?

Brand refresh

Companies mostly choose a simple brand refresh over a complete rebranding. This is part of good marketing strategies as there is less risk involved in the former.

For example, with even slight and subtle changes to your branding and positioning, you can bring about enormous improvements, such as:

  •         Infusing new vitality into your business
  •         Preserving your brand’s integrity
  •         Expanding out to reach prospective consumers
  •         Ensuring your company’s image is updated and relevant

So, the best time to do a brand refresh would be when you are facing any of the following scenarios:

1. Being outdated

Your logo design and color pallet may have worked when you chose it years ago. However time changes fast and you need to change with it too.

You will need to carefully evaluate your current branding. This will help to determine if your image in the market is outdated and needs a fresh lick of pain.

2. Changing over time

Check to see if your present branding message reflects your identity and services. Businesses need to keep evolving to stay relevant and successful. Make sure to keep your customers assured that you are the same company but with a better image.

3. Being inconsistent

You might have toyed with the design and décor of your logo and color schemes till now. This is certainly not advisable because it tends to confuse your audience and consumers. A brand refresh will help you finalize the best design and bring focus to your brand image.

4. Changing audience

Markets are dynamic and keep shifting. This might cause you to lose touch with your audience who has drifted away with the trends. Thanks to a brand refresh you will be able to regain your lost audience and also bring in more consumers to your company.

5. Growth spurts

If you expect to see significant growth in business in the near future then you should decide for a brand refresh. This works incredibly well especially when you have an upcoming merger making changes in marketing strategies. This is an excellent way to ensure a successful launch for new line of products.


A successful brand refresh only requires you to do a little research, competitor analysis and creativity skills. Always make sure to choose the most reliable and leading brand marketing agencies in India for a brand refresh. With skilled professionals on board these agencies have helped hundreds of small and large brands set a new impression on their consumers. 

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