“The better your serve the more you earn”. This statement is axiomatic for all hosts listing their vacation rental properties on Airbnb. The genuine aspiration to offer first-class treatment and services to guests never goes unnoticed by the Airbnb administration: the platform always dignifies superhosts and implies harsh penalties to those landlords who fail to live up to clients’ expectations. So, what is a superhost status on Airbnb? What does it give to short-term rental owners? And what shall hosts do to maintain it? Answers to these questions are in this guide.

The essence of an Airbnb superhost status

Superhosts are simply the best in the hospitality business. They are perfect examples to follow, their achievements are the goals of every novice Airbnb beginner entrepreneur. A superhost offers nothing short of supreme service, turning occasional guests into true brand advocates who keep new clients coming.

As for a more precise definition, an Airbnb superhost is an experienced Airbnb community member and an embodiment of outstanding hospitality services. Thanks to superhosts, guests receive exciting, long-lasting memories about their trips and vacations.

Once obtaining a superhost status, the profile and advertisements of an Airbnb owner will be marked with a special logo badge that looks like this:


Airbnb verifies the holders of a superhost status once every three months to detect those owners who strive to become the best out of all hosts on the platform. It is not necessary to provide any documents or an application with the Airbnb administration to become a superhost – the status will be acquired automatically based singularly on customers’ reviews and the host’s overall rating.

Benefits associated with a superhost status on Airbnb

A superhost badge that flares brightly on all Airbnb listings and the profile of a Host ensures more views, greater revenues, and exclusive perks granted by the platform for the owner’s dedication.

  • Greater trust – bigger money. A superhost token drives more views and boosts the owner’s credibility in the eyes of potential customers, which often results in more confirmed bookings.
  • The best hosts come first. The announcements of superhosts are regularly sent to the Airbnb users via newsletter. Moreover, there is a special search filter showing exclusively the listings of superhosts. Bright and colorful, a superhost badge is added to the profile and all listings of its holder, effectively highlighting them against the rest.
  • Special privileges. A super host gets an additional 20% to the standard bonus through the referral program. An ability to keep the status for more than a year translates into a $100 coupon for traveling.


Requirements for a superhost status on Airbnb

Once listing the vacation rental property on Airbnb, the platform will evaluate the owner’s key performance metrics every three months to grant a super host status. The owners who already have such a badge on their accounts also go through the verification process occurring four times per year. If their performance no longer matches the standard, the super host status is withdrawn.

The key requirements for obtaining a superhost status on Airbnb:

  • The owner’s overall rating must reach 4.8 or above on the platform. The rating on Airbnb is formed based on guest reviews, and a super host is the one who has received, at least, 4.8 stars for the previous year of business.
  • Minimum 10 completed deals. The next requirement is hosting, at least, 10 clients or having 3 completed reservations that total a minimum of 100 nights.
  • The cancellation rate is less than 1%. Superhosts cancel bookings in less than 1% cases, exclusive of good reason. This means 0 (zero) cancellations for hosts with less than 100 reservations per year.
  • 90% response rate. Superhosts reply to 90% of inquiries within 24 hours.

How can you become a super host on Airbnb?

The prestigious status is not built exclusively on good reviews. Your performance as an Airbnb host will be thoroughly evaluated on a quarterly basis, so you should better equip yourself with modern tools and solutions to ensure you meet the demands of both the travelers and the platform’s authorities. Experienced hosts turn to professional property management software that helps to automate dozens of repetitive Airbnb tasks and to deliver a better customer experience. Read more here.

Modern property management apps offer robust functionality to put your Airbnb activities on autopilot, negating the risk of human error and eventually boosting your managerial efficiency. Calendar sync, unified inbox, multi-calendar, team management, reservation management, message automation, financial reporting – these are just a few of the features that will be available to you when you. You will see immediate results when you use the tools of property management software.

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