Managing Your Money

The duty to protect your assets is an adult responsibility along with making money in general. Having significant damage done to your finances causes a great deal of stress. If you want to avoid the hassle of having to deal with mismanaged finances, you can ask Economic Strategist for help. Our executive advisors have 73 years of experience specializing in Estate Planning. Finance, and Asset Protection. Managing your wealth is a problem that Economic Strategist has a solution for, and that solution is determining which trusts are right for you. You have a trust to protect your assets, income and tax liabilities.

Accessibility to a trust as a legal entity is something that Economic Strategist can give to you, the client. Asset management is our top priority. Trustees have the power of owning their property or assets. Asset management allows you to manage your wealth as the Economic Strategist will be able to help you decide which trusts are best for you. Your wealth needs to be protected with the asset management we can provide. Our advisors show clients how to protect their income from taxes. Economic Strategist helps others by serving others by giving others the knowledge and tools to enhance wealth, privacy and protection of assets.

managing money

Tailored Strategy

Our strategies are tailored specifically to each client which can be implemented more than thought possible. We offer the service of 100% unsecured financing, up to $35,000 to use for debt service, towards your personal or business oriented needs. We have a six months free interest option of interest as well as a 36-month option. For bad credit, with a score of 620, we offer available financing. Our underwriter is Lending USA.

How we got our Start

Robert N. Benson was a Harvard law student, who became a protégé of Professor Austin Wakeman Scott. Mr. Benson expanded his business to include Bankruptcy, Trust, and Copyright Law. Mr. Benson partnered with Judge George Boring, and Paralegal Richard Ronald to begin a new law firm, with the plan to offer the ability to have a trust to everyone, not just to the wealthy. With the beginnings of the 21st century, certain additions had to be implemented, to modernize the Specialized Trust, bringing it into alignment with the Internal Revenue Code and tax laws all of which was accomplished with attorneys and CPAs working on this challenge.

What is a SpendThrift Trust?

A SpendThrift trust is not an association or an unincorporated association, since it does not have the criteria of a corporation, which demands continuity of existence, and free transferability of beneficial interest. The trust is not subject to legal controls, rules, or protocols that are applicable to corporations and other legislative entities. Asset protection for captains of industry and wealthy American families are our top priority as some plan on accumulating estates within their means.

Trusts are legal speak for an entity that manages the property as well as assets. The holder of the trust is known as the Trustee. When the trust is passed from a Settlor to the trustee, this means the trustee will hold the property or assets to use in a way that is laid out in the terms and conditions of the trust. Trust estates contain all of the property, the property that can be touched or the intangible version, assets, cash, rights, and obligations, which are transferred to the trustee. Persons who create a trust for the beneficiaries of that trust, although a trustee can be a financial institution or trust company that works as the manager of that trust. The trustee becomes responsible for the affair of managing their money.

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