Growing your business is a simple process. You have to earn more money. Reaching a higher profit margin is available to you with resources you have at your disposal. 

For example, agent evaluation is such a tool.  

Simple Growth Hack 

Scaling your business with new tech deployment or more personnel puts a strain on your budget. And, maybe you aren’t ready for that investment.

Most of the time, business owners have limited resources for work. They can spare a portion of the budget for a smaller investment. 

If you want to invest money with a feasible return on investment, try agent evaluation. Agent evaluation is here to help you understand your customers. However, its primary purpose is to help you to measure the performance of your agents. 

For businesses that rely on cold calling and intensive sale cycles, this could be a chance for change.  

Agent Evaluation and Business 

growth hack

The usual workflow of a salesman rarely changes. There is a quote of calls to meet, along with monthly and quarterly goals. 

But, once you let your salesmen and operators work, you don’t monitor them further. After a month, the report comes in, and you have the data ready. 

Crunching the numbers gives you an insight into the top and worst performers. What you can’t read from the data is why they perform this way? 

Agent evaluation gives you insight into performance, call quality, and employee behavior. It gives you more actionable data, which provides you a chance to improve your business.  

Agent Evaluation Features 

There is various agent evaluation software available. Though, give agent evaluation through call recording by CallCabinet. 

Their proprietary software, Atmos, gravitates toward call recording use. All of its features should help you to get the most out of cal recording. 

The outstanding features work for you. These include custom reporting, work performance analysis, screen capture, quality assurance, and custom scorecards. 

Each of the features helps you to ascertain the work quality of your agents. Here’s how to use each of them.  

Custom Reporting 

Custom report

Atmos has predefined, detailed report queries. But, custom reporting lets you define company-specific reports on the KPIs you want to measure. 

These may include the number of calls, talk time, compliance with policies, or others. You collect all data through call recording. 

With custom reporting, you get an idea of how individual agents work. For example, your concern may be about the number of calls your agents make. 

Comparing the number of calls with talk time can help you deduce a lot. An example is that some agents may make many calls daily but lack talk time. 

While they fulfill the quote, you’ll see what makes them miss the results.   

Analyze Employee Performance 

Talking about growth is the discussion about how employees may achieve more. Analyzing employee performance is the first step of that discussion. 

Custom reports give you an insight into how far you are from your goals. Employee performance analysis provides you with data on how your employees interact with customers. 

Customize the report with specific templates that reflects your customer’s needs. Measure employee’s skills, success rate, and evaluate your workflow. 

Compare the data from various employees. Train the weakest links, and create better onboarding programs for future employees. 

Get the whole workforce on another level.  

Agent Screen Capture 


Agent screen capture is a groundbreaking feature. 

Call recording gives you access to the call. Screen capture allows you to watch the video while listening to the audio. 

Supervisors may monitor when and what employees say. Additionally, they can view employees and their actions and applications they use during the call. 

If you receive bad reports, compare the employees, and separate worst performs. Check out how they work and evaluate their workflow. 

Depending on their further performance, train them or hire new talent. Don’t waste the chance to make more profit to have stability. 

Improve your employees to improve your business.  

Custom Scorecards 

Another feature of Atmos is that it lets you manage data reports. While you can measure various aspects of the call, Atmos let you customize everything. 

So, evaluate your agents with custom scorecards. Define the scorecard by the prime aspects of the interaction between agents and customers. 

Do it by defining your scorecards. And, there are scorecards available with predefined sections and options. 

Use them to score how your agents adhere to company policies and achieve service standards. Understand the primary problems of your business and your agents.  

Quality Assurance 

Quality Assurance

Atmos QA Supervisor licenses help to stay compliant with all laws and regulations. Instead of checking the compliance manually, use the QA Supervisor. 

Quality assurance is necessary to protect your business from lawsuits and complaints. Even if there are lawsuits, the QA standards help you to protect your business. 

Even though the purpose of agent evaluation is to improve your business, it also serves as a QA tool. 

You don’t have to rely on a bunch of tools to maintain quality. Evaluating your agents could become a staple process to scale your business. 

Agent Evaluation Application 

Finally, you can ask – How agent evaluation helps your business in the practical sense? 

Let’s imagine you want your agents to sell more, and you try the CallCabinet solution. 

Currently, you have five sales agents with similar performance. Record calls along with the video. Decide on relevant KPIs, and see do your agents reach desirable metrics. 

Evaluate them individually, compare them, and you got the data. Work with individual agents or give them a strategy as a group. 

Repeat the testing process. That should help you improve in the next month or quarter. 

That’s how agent evaluation helps your business.

Try Agent Evaluation 

If you want to improve your call center or sales agent quickly, try agent evaluation integration with CallCabinet. 

Business today is all about metrics. Get the relevant data, and push your business in the right direction. 

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