Have you ever accidentally spilt an entire pot of spaghetti sauce on your stovetop? Or maybe the dog knocked over a glass of milk, and it shattered all over your kitchen floor. If so, then you should know when to call in a restoration pro. It’s not always easy to tell what is or isn’t worth cleaning up yourself, but don’t worry—we’re here to help. This article will help you know when to hire professional carpet cleaners.

Instances when one should call a restoration pro;

1. In the case of a large, deep stain.

If you have a small spill that has left only a wet spot on your carpet, it is usually safe to clean it up yourself. However, if there’s an entire area where the fibres are saturated with liquid and cannot soak up anymore (such as when spaghetti sauce gets spilt), leave this for someone else to deal with.

2. When it comes to urine stains.

As you may know, the enzymes in pet or human urine are pretty powerful and can be difficult to remove from your carpet with a simple household cleaner. In many of these cases, you should call for professional help.

3. When it comes to heavy traffic stains.

Sometimes the only way to remove a stain and restore your carpet is with some serious scrubbing, in which case you’ll need more than just a bit of elbow grease. If you’re not up for this, then we suggest leaving these spots alone or calling an expert who will be willing and able to do this work for you.

If there is too much dirt\debris on the carpet;

Call a Restoration Expert

If there’s so much soil caked onto your carpets that they can’t absorb any new liquid without getting dirty again, call someone else in—a professional cleaner should have no problem tackling such a mess. But if the spill isn’t nasty enough that it would require extra attention from a restoration pro, then go ahead and take care of it yourself.

4. When a professional can do a better job.

This is another instance where you’ll need to call in the pros. Professionals have access to tools and equipment that you likely won’t find at your local store, so they will be able to clean up those tough stains much faster than you could on your own.

Do not try\when experts are needed;

Attempting these types of tasks yourself may result in causing even more damage—so leave it for the professionals instead. If there’s any doubt about what kind of spill or mess might require an expert, then we suggest calling one immediately rather than taking the risk. For example: if someone spilt paint all over their carpet and now it has dried, call an expert right away because attempting this task without the proper equipment could make it even worse.

Never attempt to clean up a spill that is larger than the area of your palm;

It might seem like common sense, but there are some spills and stains you should never try cleaning up yourself—such as those that cover an entire carpet or floor. Unless you have years of experience in restoring carpets, we suggest hiring professionals for these jobs instead. You can find local experts by searching online directories such as Angie’s List (for US residents) and Kudzu (for Canadian ones).

5. When a professional can provide a better warranty.

If you have a problem with your carpet in the future, it’s always best to call in pro cleaners so that they may fix this for you. While any old cleaner will come and go after their visit, restoration pros stand by their work—and by hiring them rather than doing it yourself (DYI), you’ll be able to get help should something happen down the road.

In conclusion, always find restoration experts for help with deeper stains or more giant messes.

For all other spills that are not deep enough to require the attention of an expert, you can take care of them yourself using some standard household cleaners. But when it comes to any spill large\deeper than the area of your palm, urine stains on carpet\heavy traffic areas, and heavy soil caked onto your flooring, then it is best to hire professionals instead so they may restore these spaces to their former glory.

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