Projections show that the global timeshare market size will reach $28.9 billion by 2028.

Timeshares can be a great investment for those interested in traveling, but after owning one for a while, you might decide it’s time to sell. There are various things you can do to make it easier to sell your timeshare, ensuring you get the price you want for it.

For a rundown of some of the key things you need to sell your timeshare, keep reading.

An Eye-Catching Listing

One of the key things you need to do to sell your timeshare is to make it stand out from others. There are plenty on the market, so you want yours to be more appealing than the rest.

A key part of this is knowing the precise details. This includes any specifics people might want to know such as the size of the property or the number of rooms.

Being able to provide accurate details will be crucial. If buyers can’t quickly find the information they’re looking for, they’ll just move on to the next listing.

Impress Potential Buyers

You’ll only be able to sell your timeshare if people want to buy it. Highlight all of the best features. This can include the quality of the property, what it’s like to travel to the location and any extra features that may not be present with other timeshares.

The easiest way to do this is to think about your favorite aspects of the timeshare. Whatever made you want to purchase it in the first place will likely make others want to as well.

Set a Practical Price

When selling anything, you’ll want to get as much money for it as you can, but you need to be realistic. Buyers will look at plenty of different timeshares before making a purchase, and their budget will be one of their main considerations. If you set a price that’s too high, many people won’t even look at it.

These days, when people choose to invest in a timeshare, there are more options available than there used to be. Take this into consideration, and ensure you choose a price point that’s good for you but will also be reasonable to potential buyers.

The Right Marketplace

In some cases, a home resort will buy timeshares back from owners, but this likely won’t get you the best price. You may also choose to try and sell your timeshare yourself, but without the proper experience. This can be a very difficult task.

One of the most efficient ways to sell a timeshare is by going through a professional organization. A company like can help you sell yours quickly and easily. They have the skills and experience to get the best possible price for your timeshare, without all the hassle.

Sell Your Timeshare

If you decide to sell your timeshare, you’ll need to take the above steps to make things as easy as possible. Seeking the help of a professional company can be very beneficial, especially if you haven’t sold a timeshare before.

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