Are you in the market for your first drum kit? Buying your first set could be very overwhelming, especially when you’re new to playing the drums. There are just many things to consider and different drum parts and accessories to get acquainted with. So whether you’re out for a new or second-hand drum kit for sale, we’re here to help you with a guide to purchasing your first drum kit. 

Get to Know the Basic Drum Hardware

There are many components of a drum set, including hardware, cymbals, and drums. You must learn these components so you can set up your kit to play it in no time.  

Stands and Racks

Most types of drums and cymbals available in a musical instrument shop have frame stands. These stands are adjustable so that the drummer can position the drums where he could reach them properly. Racks combine the different drum stands and are used in elaborate kits composed of cymbals and drums.  


There are three kinds of cymbals: hi-hats, crash, and ride. Hi-hats are small, thin, and are played using a foot pedal. Crash cymbals enhance songs, and finally, ride cymbals are broad and thick cymbals that can produce a sound similar to a bell.  

Snare Drums and Tom Drums

The snare is a loud drum, and it’s all because of thin wires or snares on the drum head. A basic drum kit will have three toms; a high and medium tom on a stand and a floor tom, which is also on a rack.  


Drum Heads and Thrones

The top head of a drum is the part that is struck, and the bottom is called the resonant head. You will need lugs to tune the heads. Meanwhile, drum pedals hit the bass or the kick drum, and you can find single or double pedals. The seat of the drummer is the throne, and this must be comfortable and adjustable. 

Brushes and Drumsticks

The drumsticks are available in various sizes and are generally made of wood. Brushes are also like sticks with a fan-like metal or plastic brush on the tip. Drum brushes can produce a quieter sound. 

What to Look for When Buying a Drum Kit

Consider the following when shopping for drum kits for sale. 

  • Always Consider Quality

Quality determines the overall cost of the drum set. If you have a limited budget, you might be considering a cheaper drum set, but they come with a few problems. First, the cymbals and the drum hardware will not be as durable and may need replacement soon, primarily if you use your drums more often.  

  • Check Out Drum Hardware

Consider solid hardware and note of refined details such as the cymbals’ legs, the drums’ head, etc. If the drum legs look flimsy or just made of thin metal, look for another. It would be best if you likely replaced these sooner.  

  • Used or New Drum Set?


Drum kits for sale can save you a lot of money, especially if you’re still learning and still unsure about playing the instrument. New drum kits may be very pricey and easily overwhelm beginners, but there are many advantages to choosing a new set. New drum sets are guaranteed and have warranties that are not found in used equipment.  

You can also choose from many drum kit brands instead of having limited shopping options with used kits. Used drum kits may not be as durable, and you may need to replace some components sooner or later. 

Remember, when buying a new drum kit from a musical instrument shop, choose a set you want to play. It will help you build interest in the drum set. Also, as you buy new kits, include new hardware, and it will save you money.

Buy all-included drum kits or complete kits, so you don’t need to assemble different pieces from different brands. Most big brands have all-inclusive entry-level kits with excellent quality. Mid-range drum kits with shells and kit hardware may not have cymbals or a seat so remember these when making the final decision. Cymbals must always be branded.  

  • Acoustic or Electric Drum Set?

Acoustic drums are made of wood and metal with the cymbals made from metal. These are traditional drums with a better feel and are easier to set up. Meanwhile, electric drum kits come with rubber pads that send signals to an amp or a headphone when played. With this kind of kit, you can increase or decrease the volume of the instrument. Electric kits are ideal for people living in shared spaces like apartments and dormitories. 

  • Four-Piece or Five-Piece Drum Set

You can find drums in four or five-piece kits. It is the number of drums and not the number of hardware or components. Hence, a four-piece kit comes with a snare, bass drum, floor tom, and a mounted tom. Meanwhile, a five-piece kit has a snare, bass drum, floor tom, and two mounted toms.  A beginner can use a four or five-piece set. Most high-end or professional drums are four-piece drum kits.   

Buying Drum Kits Online

Almost all drum kit brands are sold online; this is convenient for people who cannot personally go to a shop or actual musical instrument shop to buy a kit. You also have an option to purchase drum kits locally or from international retailers and take advantage of discounts, sales, and special deals. However, there are some disadvantages, as well. 

First, you cannot try out a drum set you will find online, defeating one of the basic rules of buying this musical instrument. But you can always return your purchase as long as there’s a guarantee or warranty. 

Also, there is no way to check the quality of a new drum set personally. It would help if you relied on customer reviews and ratings for the product. If you’re buying a second-hand set, you cannot check the set’s quality as well. You will only rely on what the buyer tells you or check out photos of the drum set. 

If there are photos of the product, zoom in, and check every part to evaluate the drum kit quality. So, if you’re new to purchasing a drum kit, it’s better to buy your set in person.  

Buying Drum Kits in Person

Buying drums and other musical instruments in person is the best way to do it. You can try out the drum set and see if it is easy or comfortable to use and check the hardware’s quality and durability. Buying in person also lets you talk to shop owners or salespeople who can help you make your choice. 

If you’re buying a second-hand drum, you can immediately evaluate the set’s quality when you’re checking it out in person. You can even haggle for a reasonable price too! 

Final Words

Buying your first drum kit is an investment so take time checking out different components and qualities of the drums, cymbals, and hardware. Select the best online or local shop to buy a drum kit so you can get the best value for your money. Always consider reviews and recommendations of customers and professionals as these make you steps closer to your best first drum kit.  

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