Medical malpractice claim is a lawsuit sought by patients injured during medical treatment or their families. If the doctor misdiagnosed or you received inadequate or incorrect treatment from your medical provider, you may file a case.

But the responsibility will be on you to prove whether the medical professional or negligent or any other ground. Hiring competent and reputed attorneys like Moore Law Firm can get you the help you need. They can give you the right advice that results in the desired outcomes and compensation you deserve.

What to Do Before Filing the Lawsuit?

Before understanding whether you can bring in a medical malpractice case in Arizona, these characteristics must hold:

  1. There should be a doctor-patient relationship in existence.
  2. You should show that you would not have sustained further injuries if the doctor had exercised due care.
  3. You should prove that you suffered significant damage due to improper care.

These damages can be:

  • Loss of income
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Costly medical bills
  • Incapacitation, etc.

The very next step is not retaining a lawyer but meeting with your medical provider.

Medical Malpractice Claim

Contact the Medical Professional That Treated You

Give them the details of how the treatment resulted in damages. This way, they can get a chance to rectify their mistake, whether they had done negligently or by error. If this fails, contact the relevant medical licensing board to get the negligent practitioner appropriate punishment.

Hire an Attorney

Hire a Southern Arizona attorney socializing in medical malpractice law. They are well-versed in state laws and can take the matter to court before the statute of limitations expires. In Arizona, it is two years after the action takes place.

Get a Certificate of Merit

It is common for some people to abuse the law or threaten medical providers when there is no case. To prevent such incidents, many states, including Arizona, need you to seek a certificate of merit.

You should visit another physician to get a second opinion to get your condition assessed. They can verify your injury, medical records, etc., and certify that the original health care provider has indeed given the wrong diagnosis or treatment. This document can become the grounds on which your layer can build the case.

File the Medical Malpractice Case

An attorney from reputed places like the Moore Law Firm starts filing the case on your behalf. They may do their due diligence in interviewing the witnesses, experts in the field and procure other necessary evidence. They will help you with what to expect in the courtroom and how to answer in the trial.

Lawyers often try to negotiate an out-of-court settlement that can prevent facing tedious court proceedings. You can save time and money, and more importantly, you can get back to your life sooner.

Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations is the deadline before which you have to file the claim. This period is different for various types of lawsuits and even medical malpractice cases; it varies with the state. Arizona statute of limitations for these claims is two years after the cause.

So, it means you have up to two years from when you suffered the loss from the medical error. If this time lapses, you may not get a chance to receive your rightful compensation. Hence, it is vital to file the claim within this time.

Contact Medical Malpractice Lawyers Today

Medical malpractice is life-altering – sometimes, even fatal. Your case can at least ensure that they follow the standards correctly in the future. In the process, you can recover the damages partially or fully.

So if you are looking to file for medical malpractice, hire an attorney today!

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