Are you trying to up your golf game and play like the pros? Read this article to learn how to fix a slice and play your best game.

Having a hard time with your drive?

Slicing a golf shot isn’t the end of the world for most amateur golfers, but if your aspirations are a little greater, then you’ll want to correct it. It’s a matter of improving your technique and getting better equipment. If you put the time in, there’s no reason that it can’t be done.

Today, we’re going to tell you how to fix a slice in your shot so you can lower your handicap and beat your friends on the links. Follow our guide and you’ll save time on the course and save money at the pro shop.

Don’t Aim Left

One of the bigger problems for most golfers is course-correcting a slice by aiming left, but it’s important to understand that slices happen and you’ll develop bad habits if you’re always trying to compensate.¬† Aim straight and you’ll always be more likely to hit a good shot than if you’re aiming to one side.

If you find yourself consistently hitting a fade, you can start to account for that in the direction that you shoot.

Positioning Your Ball

You have to position the ball correctly in front of you to hit a straight shot. If the ball is slightly too far ahead in your swing, the point of contact is going to be on your follow-through, causing it to go in a different direction.

Golf Game

Keep the ball further back and you’ll notice a more natural feeling in your swing. This will keep you feeling better and the shots straighter. It’s an easy fix for any golfer going through a slump.

Fix That Grip

Sometimes the problems start before you even start your backswing. Your hand position is incredibly important to get a good shot off. When your top hand is too far underneath the club, you’re way more likely to slice the ball.

Studying the proper grip technique will give you the best chance to shoot straight down the fairway. You’ll find that your grip will affect every part of your golf game, not just slicing problems.

Tuck That Elbow

Now let’s talk about your backswing. If you look at the best PGA golfers, you’ll see that their swing will follow a similar path every single time. You never want to start your downswing outside of this path.

Look at your right elbow on your backswing. Most slicers will find that the right elbow will flare out away from the body during the backswing, which pushes the club out and away from you. It puts the right spin on the ball, causing the slice.

Your Equipment

Having great equipment will go a long way. For instance, your clubs should be the right length and weight so that they’re comfortable to swing with. Buying Nike golf shoes instead of no-name golf shoes will help your positioning and your stance.

Learning How to Fix a Slice Takes Time

When you ask how to fix a slice in your golf game, you’re really asking how to assess your equipment, form, and overall ability. If you don’t put the time into improving your game, you’ll end up slicing more and more shots.

To find out why you’re slicing so many shots, look at these possible clues, but it could be a litany of other things as well. If you’re still having trouble, you might want to take a golf lesson or course with a professional that can really dig into your form and what you might be doing wrong.

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