Everything you need to know about fintechs and how they are renewing financial services

Fintechs are not new to the financial market, but the term is still not very popular among most people, despite the fact that a large part of the public is using a fintech service at the moment. Fintechs became popular more quickly on the internet, because it is their main vehicle of action, so it is the protagonist of many discussions on social networks, pages, and websites.

If you are part of the group of people who do not know what fintech is and what they do, you can be sure that you have used a fintech service, may be using it now, or probably will use it in the future. This is because many companies are prioritizing digital services. This change was happening progressively, but because of COVID-19, digital services have become a necessity.

In this article, we will discuss what fintechs are and what they do. We will also discuss how fintech services are making people’s lives easier, an example is the ease of access to credit service, loans, and other tools that help organize finances.

What are Fintechs?

Fintech services involve finance, which means fintechs work directly with money. Fintechs can offer credit cards, loans, and an account to serve as a deposit for your money. Fintechs offer the same services as a traditional bank, but online. This explains the popularity of social networks, internet pages, and websites. People who are more used to being updated by digital tools were the first to discover the novelty of fintechs and are also the main customers.

Fintech services

As discussed in the topic above, the main services for fintechs are of a financial nature. This means that it is possible to apply for a loan to renegotiate debts, to apply for a credit card that can be physical or digital. Fintechs also work with accounts, so you can deposit your salary into a fintech account of your choice. Fintechs have helped make banking services uncomplicated, so you can quickly and securely deposit money and make transfers.

How to have an account

It is very easy and fast to have a fintech account. If you don’t know fintech, you can still search the internet for the top fintechs, but if you know a few, then you can download the fintech app of your choice. After downloading the application, you just need to create an account that will require your documents for identification. Some fintechs take a few days to accept the account request, but most immediately accept future customers.

Credit card

Fintechs managed to innovate a product that was already known in the market, credit cards. Fintechs have managed to do this with the creation of the online credit card, so it is no longer necessary to carry the physical card in your purse or backpack because the credit card will be in your mobile app. Being able to shop and even pay in installments.

In this article, we discuss what fintechs do and how the union of technology with banking services makes life easier for people in the bureaucratic banking processes. If you don’t have a fintech account, take time out of your day to research the main fintechs, so you’ll feel more confident to open your account and solve all your financial problems with a few clicks on your smartphone screen.

Fintechs initially conquered generation Z, they are young adults who grew up having the influence of the internet, they are also the majority on social networks, pages, and websites. Soon after, the millennials were won over by the fast and reliable services. The only resistance and distrust come from people who are not used to the internet.  But after detailed research, it is possible to prove that fintechs are reliable options for organizing your money.

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