Due to poor lifestyle and bad nutrition, many diseases are going common among the people. Diabetes is one of those diseases which has increased very fast in the last few years and is still spreading very fast.


If Diabetes or high blood sugar disease is not controlled, it could lead to the death of a person. In this article, I am going to discuss with you top 7 natural ways to treat or control Diabetes.

7 Ways to Treat Diabetes Naturally

Following 7 ways will help you in controlling the blood glucose level a lot.

1. Exercise


One of the main causes of diabetes is being overweight. Exercise not only treats but it also controls blood sugar. Stay fit and active throughout your life to control diabetes. If you have type 2 diabetes, it means that there is a lot of glucose in your blood.

Exercise regularly to make the muscles use the excess glucose in the blood. If you had not exercised before, this may not sound encouraging to you. Start with walking, running, swimming, biking, playing basketball or tennis and lifting the weight.

It does not matter which exercise you do; the thing matters that you do exercise.

2. Consume raw potato starch


It is known that eating starch is unhealthy especially to those with diabetes, but what if there is a special type of starch suitable for you? You will find this starch mainly in raw potato skins. The starch is not digested in the intestines, instead, the bacteria in the intestine processes it into good molecules that help you in losing weight, maintaining blood sugar level, increasing insulin sensitivity and decrease hunger. Get this starch in the grocery store and consume it with other dishes.

3. Building new food habits

Healthy fitness salad

Do you know that every positive result comes with commitment? This is the same case with diabetes. While preparing food in the kitchen it may be wise to avoid foods that are rich in sugar. Avoid refined sugar, whole grains that contains gluten, alcohol, cow’s milk and GMO rich foods. Opt for a healthy diet with fruits and non-starchy vegetables like carrots, broccoli and lettuce, beans, lean meat and fat-free dairy products.

4. Stress management


Blood sugar level can be spiked by poorly managed stress. Glucagon and Cortisol hormones are released when you are stressed and they cause a rise in blood sugar leading to diabetes. Use yoga, try deep breathing before bed, massage or listen to soothing music as a relaxation technique. Stress relief helps you sleep better.

5. Drink enough water and stay hydrated always

Drink enough water and stay hydrated always

High water intake reduces the chances of developing high blood sugar. It helps you to keep blood sugar within its limit. Drinking eight or more glasses of water daily helps your kidney flush out the excessive blood sugar through urine. Avoid sweetened drinks which tend to raise the blood sugar.

6. Eat food with enough fiber

Eat food with enough fiber    

Eating food with enough fiber helps to cure diabetes naturally. Flaxseeds add more fiber to your food. They contain enough nutrients that help in the treatment of diabetes. Non-gluten whole grains, non-starchy vegetables, beans, avocado, and apples are rich sources of fiber. It is good to know that when started taking fiber-rich foods, it is good to approach them slowly to avoid unpleasant side effects.

7. Control food portion

Control food portion

It is always good to eat enough but not excessive food. With or without diabetes, excessive intake of calories results in weight gain. Fewer portions control blood sugar level and reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Observe the amount of food that you eat by use of a small plate.


Your lifestyle and diet matter a lot in controlling your blood glucose level. Instead of taking medicines consult your doctor for a better diet plan and stick to it. After few days you will see much better results.

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