Anyone who has even once visited Dubai or stays will solely say one expression to define the city-Luxury! With the most luxurious lifestyle, Dubai offers the most alluring tourism to its visitors, be it eating diverse cuisines or experiencing the most exuberant nightlife! It grants limitless purchasing opportunities and an extraordinary shopping experience at the world’s biggest mall.

However, that’s not alone. Living in this city is a non-stop adventure? and you will frequently apprehend the word “hustle” tossed around. Everyone will possess a lengthy list of all the duties they oblige to do, all the businesses they run, and how accentuated they are. It is because Dubai has powerful trade opportunities that open each day and keeps even the visitors engaged in the deals. Having that said, the city demands an excellent ride for you to accomplish your motive, either exploring the city, engaging in trades, or attending an event! And if you are new to Dubai and a first-time visitor, it is highly recommended that you opt for a rental vehicle and ride in style. It will enable you to reach places within a stipulated time, which contrarily will necessitate hours for you to arrive! Thanks to the bustling streets and the unending traffic that rules out any visitor’s plausibility to be on time.

You need a fast, comfortable ride to deal with the development phase that the city is frequently in. Compact SUV is the most preferred choice as these offer the best ride quality, stylish arrival, compact yet comfortable seat arrangements, and exclusive features that are not readily available. Nissan Kicks has recently made it the best choice if you are in a city like Dubai! Here is why?

Top 5 reasons to consider Nissan Kicks as your next compact SUV in Dubai

1. Ride Quality to survive traffics and sharp turns:

With 210mm of ground clearing, the Nissan Kicks SUV has loads of suspension travel, which serves exceptionally well. The spin quality of the Kicks is phenomenal, and it seems incredibly pliable. The suspension is smooth and goes about consuming undulations. Moreover, it does not roll excessively when pushed into curves. These are certain most desirable features when you ride in a bustling city like Dubai. The traffic status in Dubai can be unreasonable and affect your commute. Hence, Nissan Kick’s superior ride quality facilitates you to circumvent delays.

2. Engine Capacity to prevent overheating:

The most powerful one in the Japanese segment workhorse, Nissan Kicks’ engine, is a 1.3-liter HR13 DDT turbocharged petrol engine. It has a rare cylinder coat to protect the engine from overheating and any external damage. With Dubai’s summer periods being nearly intolerable hot due to the city’s closeness to deserts, you want to ride in a vehicle that doesn’t overheat very soon. Moreover, if you have to carry your errands during this peak summertime or anytime else, you may uniformly need air-conditioning, which demands an unprecedented engine capacity that is offered by Nissan Kicks.

SUV in Dubai

3. 7 Speed mode and exclusive features to travel in style:

When you are in a luxurious city, you desire to travel trendy apart from comfort. With the extraordinary 7 speed mode to drive you the fastest on the tranquil hours and slowest on the rush hours, Nissan Kicks offers you 50+ exclusive features connected with Nissan connect. So if you even rent Nissan Kicks, you have to ask your rental company to connect it to your phone through the application! Sit back and enjoy unique features on the go. It will help you to travel with “Connectivity and Convenience.” It offers over 50+ peculiarities such as geofencing, way to my car, chauffeur alerts, tow-away alert, automated roadside support, and track, and much more.

4. Advanced i-SPVT Technology for stable movements and untiring experience:

Nissan Kicks equips all the beneficial technicalities it could possess. The advanced i-SPVT Technology ensures that this compact SUV persists on the road even on swift swerves and intense corners. This system restricts the car’s movement, which warrants that you remain in power of your vehicle. In a city where you can never be sure of unexpected turns and the overtaking traffic, this compact SUV offers the most stable movements. These will help you get through the most tiring journeys comfortably.

5. Safest compact SUV with surviving characteristics:

SUV is an acronym for SAFE-U-V, according to Nissan. What else could you demand when you are in the city, which requires you to be prepared for everything. With Graphine supporting armor body, 4 airbags, Hill Start Assist (HSA), unusual Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Impact Sensing Door Lock, Rear Defogger, crisis stop signal, speed-sensing gate lock, and many more.

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