When installing window coverings such as blinds and shades, the two primary objectives of a homeowner is comfort and safety. However, thanks to the rapid advances in automation and robotics, this rather simple window installation now offer more than just blocking outside view and UV rays from the sun.

With smart blinds and motorized shades, you can experience comfort and convenience that you ought to experience in your own home. This is because they can be controlled and programmed using voice command or through a special smartphone app. With such feature, you will be able to adjust them remotely or even schedule them to adjust automatically throughout the day.

Another edge of smart shades over traditional shades is that they can help you cut your energy costs. Many homeowners are unaware that adjusting the shades throughout the day is critically important in order for the HVAC system to perform optimally. Smart blinds have sensors embedded with them which means that they can adjust automatically based on the level of sunlight that reaches your home – so you don’t have to manually adjust each of them from time to time every day.

If you are planning to purchase one soon, then here are the key takeaways of the infographic from TechYourSpace, which listed the top five smart blinds and motorized shades in the market that you can purchase today:

  1. MySmartBlinds Automation Kit
  2. MySmartBlinds Automated Blinds
  3. Springblinds Blackout Motorized Roller Shade
  4. Link Blackout Shades
  5. GoDear Zebra Design Motorized Shades

Learn more about the features and benefits of these smart blinds and motorized shades by checking out the full infographic below.


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