Spying the cell phone through the spyware software is most common threat to the privacy that is being faced by the present day cell phone users. Not only, parents and spouse are indulging in tracking and monitoring the cell phone data and activities but also the government. Some of the apps with such ability has been legalized and are openly used. Thus to stay protected and keeping the privacy intact, it is important to know whether your own device if being infected with one such software. Below are certain tips that can help you know whether your cell phone has been installed with spyware app or not. And if, yes, there are certain measures that can help you get rid of it.

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Changes that indicate the installation of spying software

  • Sudden Restart and Shutdown of the cell phone    Restart and Shutdown of the cell phone

The cell phone generally gets shut down and restart when it has been commanded to do so. But, if the cell phone performs such function without your command or authority then it might be the sign that your phone has been hacked or spy on.

  • A sudden change in the cell phone Battery life-spanchange in the cell phone Battery life-span

It is being said that spyware software, severely drains the battery of the cell phone. So, if you witness a sudden change in the draining of the cell phone, that may be the sign of the presence of spyware on the phone, if there is no change in your mobile usage.

  • Noise in the background of the active calls Noise in the background of the active calls

The basic feature of the spyware software is access to the calls. That is, with the software, the calls can be listened to and recorded. When such thing happens, it creates a certain amount of unusual noise. If this is happening repeatedly and you are sure about the network connection then you should get alert as it may be the sign of the presence of spying software in your phone.

  • High Data UsageData Usage

The spyware software sends the data to the others phone and in the process uses the high data. The phone gets directed to the certain strange website. This also uses up the mobile data. So, if you notice the certain abrupt increase in your mobile data usage, get alert as it can be signaling that your phone has been tracked on.

  • Unusual messages and notification Unusual messages and notification 

Some of the spying software require text messages so as to send command features such that they can get configured on the cell phones. If you witness unusual messages with just some symbols, be cautious, your cell phone might be getting tracked by your parents, spouse, employer or government.

Once you know that your device has been bugged and installed with spying software, it is important to get rid of it immediately such that your privacy doesn’t get compromised further.

To remove the cell phone spyware one way is to find it in the dashboard and un-install it, the other way is to update the operating system. Even, if both of these does not work you can reset it factory setting or manually remove the affected files.

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