Nowadays working on various fabrics with sewing machines has really been a trend. Investing more in getting a professional-level sewing machine with a versatile and durable design is possible. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that under $100 cannot get you a machine with high functionality. Now how to buy the top 5 sewing machines under 100??

Making quilts, pillows, covers, garments, and much more is offered by sewing machine. There are some features that are important to consider and lead to quality sewing and found easily in costly models but you can also get the same essential features in sewing machines under $100.

Tips To Find Best Sewing Machine Under 100

1. Stitches:

The expensive sewing machine models offer various stitches options while a cheap sewing machine model offers limited stitching options. The sewing machine under $100 offers stitch options for normal sewing. Also look for a model with straight line stitches, decorative stitches, and zig-zag stitches. Mostly the sewing machine under $100 will offer around 20+ stitching options.

2. Speed:

The sewing speed of the sewing machine is determined for controlling the speed of pulling fabric by the means of the sewing machine. Some models under $100 offer one, two, or even more levels of speed. Many models are designed with the foot pedal for controlling the speed easily. You need to check for how many stitches per minute (SPM) your sewing machine can make. So higher the stitching speed, the higher will be the production.

3. Threading & drop-in bobbins:

Yes, automatic needle threading is a fundamental feature to consider. This feature does up the threading tasks quickly which saves your efforts and time,. Also, check for the thread tensioning which is essential for bobbin and the sewing thread for avoiding inconvenience in stretched fabrics, broken thread, random loops, etc.

The drop-in bobbin is useful and makes usage easy. You can fix it in a particular spot rather than going for manual threading. Some models also come with the automated drop-in bobbin designed.

Sewing Machine

4. Capability to deal with fabric:

Look for a sewing machine that can assist well in decorative projects, capable to deal with thick and thin fabrics. Fabrics like leather, denim, any tough fabric, or multiple layer fabrics should be easy to work on.

5. Free arm:

The free arm is a quality feature of a portable sewing machine that makes working easy on narrow & circular pieces like hemming, doing sleeves, and cuffs. Many models are also designed with removable storage space for forming the space for a free arm.

6. Portable design:

If you need to transport the sewing machine or need to change your working area often then determining a portable design is a must. A portable sewing machine will be light in weight but may lack durability. Portable design is essential for your comfort. Also, some models consist of the top handle to make the sewing machine easy to lift and carry.

7. Accessories:

Having a quality set of accessories with a product adds to the advantage of easy work and also saves money from buying the same accessories from the market later. As an accessory, a machine case will be useful for storing and transporting the sewing machine. Now next, a cover will protect your sewing machine from dust, debris, and also from other weather-related affecting elements. Set of additional needles, sewing feet, and bobbins. Measuring tape for accurate measurements. Such accessories not only saves money but also makes your projects easily done.

8. Attachment for button sewing:

The attachment for button sewing makes your sewing machine easy to use and also highly advanced. Many small-sized models include button sewing modification and some include button-sewing foot.

9. Warranty:

The sewing machine models offer a warranty for machine parts defects. The warranty for the replacement is also offered. Most commonly the warranty period is covered for 2 years-25 years as per different brands that you need to check. The long warranty period indicates more reliability of an appliance.

10. Brand:

 Buying a sewing machine of a reputed brand assures a buyer of having a quality product in hand in which warranty is also assured. You can check out some popular sewing machine models like Brother, Spiegel, Singer, Donyer power, Janome, Michley, Oakome, etc. With these brands, you can check for quality sewing machine models under $100.


Best Sewing machines at a reasonable rate makes projects really easy with an amazingly simple design, stitching speed and also becomes easy to learn and operate even for beginners. There are various brands in the market to check that offers all the essential features that your projects need.

The warranty that these appliances carry brings a great mind relief for users. The buying guide on the top 5 sewing machines under 100 is a perfect guide for tackling various projects in the budget.

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